Anti-Israel Demonstration Total Bust!


Largest Anti-Israel Demonstration Total Bust

What had been billed as the largest anti-Israel demonstration in history turned out to be a complete bust as in spite of massive bussing in, a freezing rain chilled the event to which only a few hundred huddled around the LIncoln Memorial in Washington DC.

In an ironic twist, the annual Rolling Thunder, patriotic motorcycle rally which does not start until the next day, had flooded the area, dwarfing the pitiful attempt by the haters of Israel to gather.

Peggy Nienaber, Vice President of Faith and Liberty in Washington DC and longtime observer said, “We have all been praying that God would stop this attack on Israel and we thank God for his marvelous answer to the prayers of so many over the past days.”

The Chaplain of Capitol Hill, echoes her words with “we are at the Lincoln Memorial, and literally God has turned May into December in a miraculous move of his power to stop the slander of His chosen people, Israel”.

Bestselling author of “God, and Cancel Culture” says, “A huge issue to Christians is our attitude towards Israel and how we deal with threats in the Middle East”.

What was billed as the “largest anti-Israel demonstration in history” in answer to sustained prayer turned a warm, sunny Washington DC May overnight, into a freezing December day as the God once again protected His precious people with ongoing support at and and put in promo code “whl”. 

Amir George in Washington 

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