The Amazing Clint Curtis, Mike Lindell Interview

The Amazing Clint Curtis, Mike Lindell Interview

Clint Curtis was a surprise guest for the Moment of Truth Summit. Two weeks before the summit, Curtis (a self-admitted Joe Biden voting Democrat) called Mike Lindell. During that conversation, the computer programmer and former employee of NASA disclosed information that shocked Mike to the core. Clint Curtis was the first person to develop an algorithm that could steal an election.

The Algorithm

In 2000, Clint Curtis worked as a programmer in Orlando, Florida. One day, Curtis was visited by Tom Feeney, the Speaker of the Florida House of Representatives, asking for a program. The criterion was a program for a touch screen voting machine that can be manipulated. At the time, Curtis believed that the Speaker was going to use the program to test and secure voting machines. 

According to the computer programmer, the algorithm fixes the logged submissions and totals in the machine. Curtis showed this in his demonstration as the computer programmer managed to change the results of an election in a simple click. The algorithm itself is also undetectable and can be programmed to “eat itself,” preventing it from being seen. Furthermore, this code can avoid automatic recall because it can time its execution. 

After Curtis was done, the computer programmer gave the algorithm to Feeney. However, it would take four years for Curtis to discover what the code was for. 

The Election Rigging Game

The 2004 Presidental election was a shock for Curtis. It wasn’t because George W. Bush was president. Rather it was the votes. Although John Kerry won the women's and men’s votes, Bush still won the total. As the states started listing percentages, Curtis realized that they were using his algorithm. Curtis made his algorithm to consistently give a 49 to 51 ratio, numbers that kept repeating in the 2004 Presidental Election. 

The computer programmer never believed that his code could be used to manipulate an election. “After all, what kind of idiot uses voting machines that prevent people from seeing the source code?” Curtis went public, hoping to get Democrats and Republicans to move on this issue. When asked what should be done with the voting machines Curtis said to throw them all into the ocean. Despite that, the issue still remains twenty years later in the United States.

 The same cannot be said for other nations. Curtis often gets contacted by other countries for advice to secure their voting machines. The Netherlands contacted Curtis about six months before their own election about securing their machines. However, the only advice the computer programmer could give was to get rid of them.  Despite the short lead time, the Netherlands wasted no time removing the voting machines before their election. 

It’s a different story in the U.S., where politicians are fighting tooth and nail to keep these machines in place and keep them from being tested. 

Damaging Democracy 

Democracy only works when people believe in it. Unfortunately, a huge number of citizens in the United States doubt the system, especially since the 2020 elections. Part of the reason is that politicians are actively hiding voting records and preventing people from seeing the result with their own eyes. Furthermore, other states are passing legislation that makes voting machines the only option. 

In the interview, they point out that Florida has made it illegal to count the paper ballot. Even the leader of the Florida election committee cannot count these ballots. They have to use the voting machine records only. In addition to this, voting machines are not allowed to be tested unless you use an approved method. Policies like these have to be changed. 

Clint Curtis, a Biden voting Democrat, and Mike Lindell stand pretty far apart on their Political affiliation. However, they both are passionate about getting rid of the machines. This is not a Democrat or Republican issue. Both parties need to work together to get rid of voting machines because there is no way to secure them. Going back to paper ballots, in-precinct voting (with verifiable exceptions), and showing proper identification is the only way to ensure voter integrity and restore faith in our elections. 

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