Al Regnery - Conservative Hero


A Quiet Hero For Jesus

In a day of 24 hour nonstop information onslaught and everyone being a star, it is refreshing to spend time with Al Regnery of the famed Regnery publishing family.

In contrast to the constant self promotion, his quiet, powerful leadership behind the scenes is best exemplified in his recent book, “Unlikely Pilgrim” where he takes us along as he follow his love for the Lord Jesus Christ throughout the old pilgrim routes of the Middle East and Europe.

In his quiet, voice he says “This is my third book, but by far my most important as it best exemplifies the meaning in life and purpose that I have found tracing the steps of our Savior and those who love him.”

Traveling as a pilgrim from Damascus to Ephesus, to Philippi, Thessalonika, Nicaea, Rome and more, we can see and feel the joy of the pilgrim with Al saying, “Even as I write this, ten months after returning from Thessaloniki, rarely a day goes by when some piece of the trip does not pop into my mind It was more than a memorable trip - it was a truly life having pilgrimage”.

Al was a counsel to a Senate Committee, a senior Justice Departnment official,  President of Regnery Publishing, which was founded by his father as the premier conservative publishing company from 1986 to 2003, e was publisher of the American Spectator.

Sitting across from this kind, Godly gentleman, in an otherwise self promoting town where everyone is hustling is refreshing and one can see how the love of the Lord Jesus Christ that touched him, later in life and change his priorities and brought him joy.

He is on the board of seemingly every conservative organization and various charities,  but it is his book, “Unlikely Pilgrim” that he brings along that best exemplifies his heart for Christ. 

One who could say the classic, “been there - done that”, it is in fact his journey from world famous publisher to passionate lover of Christ that is a message to an age that puts priority on money, fame and “followers”.

“After having led a major publishing company, newspaper and served various conservative and educational causes for decades, these past years following my coming back to Christ through the minister of Father John McCloskey my life has taken on a meaning that transcends all that I accomplished before”.

A good message, especially to those just starting their careers that the “big lie” that money, fame and all the rest will bring satisfaction that becoming an “Unlikely Pilgrim” available at www.Beaufort, and following in the steps of Jesus is the most meaningful and fulfilling life.

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