Afghanistan Disaster!


Americans Still In Afghanistan - US Government Blocking Efforts To Rescue

As shocking as it may seem, hundreds of Americans still remain in Afghanistan as well as tens of thousands of Afghans who gave themselves to help America for nearly 20 years and have Ben abandoned.

Many are American Christian Missionaries and aid workers who have given of their lives over the past 20 yeas to minister to serve the Afghan people, many in the countryside, far from the big cities and unable to respond to the sudden, unconscionable withdrawal which has caused havoc to a nation, just starting to get on its feet.

“Please help us - the Taliban are going door to door to find us. We are terribly afraid. Please help” - the trembling voice comes out of a cellphone thousands of miles away as the absolutely petrified remaining in Afghanistan desperately ask for help.

Facing extremely difficult odds the Christian rescue teams are on the ground working hard under extremely precarious conditions to assist the Americans first, and then the Afghans that helped America out as soon as possible.

“We are in a very strange situation” says one of those Christian workers, working directly with the rescue effort who has asked that their identity be protected “while the taliban are helping with those we are trying to rescue, we are in the bizarre situation where the US Government in the form of the State Department actively opposing our efforts from pressuring neighboring countries from allowing our charter planes to land and takeoff to using diplomatic means to harm our efforts. It makes no sense and is just plain evil”.

Urgent help is needed to assist with the emergency efforts where the US Government has unbelievable abandoned hundreds of Americans and tens of thousands of in danger Afghans who believed in America to their fate to get out as soon as possible. 

“We are calling upon all who can to contact their congressmen, senators, the White House, the State Department to demand that all efforts to block our efforts stop immediately” they continue.

Abas Gul, with family still in Afghanistan says “we urgently need help! Our family are still there and cannot get out and are in mortal danger” as he speaks to a friend who worked for the US State Department and USAID for years and he himself for the US Army. 

All believers are urged to call as many times as possible and demand the immediate stop to all efforts to harm the private relief efforts and demand every American be brought home to:

The White House - 202 456 1414

The State Department - 202 647 4000

The Senate/Congress 202 225 3121(Demand to be connected to your congressman/senator)

Anyone with a relative, friend can go to and go to “help” and put in the information to be included in the list for rescue.

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