2000 Mules - Proof of the Most “Insecure” Election

2000 Mules - Proof of the Most “Insecure” Election

The latest documentary by Dinesh D’Souza, 2000 Mules, became available to all on May 7th. The movie exposes widespread, coordinated voter fraud during the 2020 election. Alongside the election integrity organization True the Vote, the documentary presents evidence that shows that there were enough fraudulent ballots to completely change the outcome of this election. 

“Most Secure Election” 

Moments after the results of the 2020 presidential election were announced, people started claiming that it was the most secure election, shouting to drown out the dissonance. However, there is a saying, “methinks thou dost protest too much,” that would apply here. Because anyone who disagreed with them was claimed to be supporting the “Big Lie” or the “Big Delusion.” No matter how much the mainstream media or big tech screamed, many still are aware that something went wrong that day. Between mail-in voting, odd voting statistics, and preventing people from overseeing the vote tallying, something was off. 

However, talking about these concerns gets you booted from social media. For Salem Broadcasting, that platform’s D’Souza and other podcasters were removed from Youtube and other streaming services. In the documentary, D’Souza and his peers gather together to talk about election fraud. 2000 Mules is set to expose the truth about the election with evidence. Hard evidence cannot be dismissed as “fake news” or a lie. Because it isn’t a lie. Not at all.

Hard Evidence

Fortunately, 2000 Mules has two types of evidence to prove that the 2020 election was definitely not secure. D’Souza meets up with Catherine Engelbrecht, founder of True the Vote, and her team to discuss the mounting evidence proving that this election was not secure at all. Although there are certainly issues with the voting machine, this evidence shows the lack of election integrity through geo-tracking and videos. While people argued about what really happened, True the Vote decided to investigate. 

As part of their investigation, True the Vote got access to terabytes of data that contained 10 trillion cellphone pings. All of this showed a troubling trend. Over 2,000 “mules'' were shown visiting multiple ballot drop boxes a day. Through a pattern of life, they were able to put together movements of specific offenders. In one example, a mule traveled to 28 drop boxes and 5 different, non-profit organizations. These non-profits are stash houses, where they harvest votes to be delivered to different drop boxes. However, they have more than just geo-tracking. 

True the Vote managed to collect over 4 million minutes of video showing these “mules” stuffing multiple votes into ballot boxes. They tracked down the specific videos by using the dates and times of their visits. In these videos, you can see women and men of all ages going to the dropbox and depositing more than one ballot each time. Although an individual can drop off ballots for their family members, the frequent visits to certain boxes and their body language say it all. Some are so desperate to put all the ballots in, that they drop multiple ballots onto the floor. They visit in the dead of night or in broad daylight, taking pictures of their success. Many wear gloves to hide their fingerprints.

The combination of the video and geotagging shows the scale of the fraud that was done and specific locations. Now, they were not dumping a massive amount of votes in a single drop, just a few in the right places over time. This ballot harvesting and fraud have very real consequences. Election changing consequences. 

Could Fraud have Changed the 2020 Election? 

Let’s say that just these votes by the 2,000 mules were the only type of fraud in the 2020 election. Could the fraudulent votes deposited by these mules cause the election to shift from Trump to Biden? When it comes to the five keystone states (Arizona, Michigan, Wisconsin, Georgia, and Philadelphia), it did. If you multiplied the number of mules within the state, dropbox visits, and the number of ballots, the electoral college votes for Georgia, Arizona, and Philadelphia would have gone to President Trump. Even with this narrow perspective (not including ballot machines), Trump would have won the 2020 elections.

Even if you reduced the requirement to be mules down to 10 ballot box visits and 3 votes, the number is devastating. 

A Frightening Situation

Without a doubt, this is frightening information. How easy it is to subvert a presidential election with a handful of people putting 3-5 ballots in multiple dropboxes over time. This is barely scratching the surface. 2000 Mules shows just how deep the corruption around the election was, with testimonies from whistleblowers, expansive video evidence, and much more. 

One thing is clear, our elections are far from safe and secure. The fact that a national election can be changed by less than 1% means that laws governing elections must be changed. In addition, with the amount and this type of evidence, why isn’t the 2020 election being investigated by our government? They investigated fake Russia collusion but can’t officially look at an election? With all the complaining about so-called false claims of election fraud, you would think they’d jump at the chance.

This article is only the tip of the iceberg. Anyone who wants to know the full extent of this treachery should watch 2,000 Mules themselves. Because everyone deserves to know the truth. 

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