Yet Another Case Of A Hospital Attempting To Seize A Newborn Baby And Push The Family Out

about a year ago

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Another Case of Hospital Baby Snatching

Stew Peters talks to the Murray family, who have become the latest victims of the baby-snatching hospitals. The Murray family had their healthy newborn baby taken moments after giving birth at Yale-New Haven Hospital. 

The original reason that baby Murray was taken was that the mother tested positive for COVID-19. Although the mother asked for another test to be taken, she was denied. Baby Murray missed Golden Time, a fundamental and necessary development period for newborns. Furthermore, the doctors told the mother that they were giving the baby antibiotics and medications, despite objections. The father was also denied access, despite testing negative for COVID-19. Afterward, the Yale-New Haven Hospital said baby Murray had to stay in NNICU because he was "premature," which the mother denied. After all, she told the gestational age on arrival. 

After two days of pumping breast milk and being unable to see her son, the hospital brought a security officer to her room and told her that they were keeping baby Murray for another week and she could not stay. They gave her an ultimatum: leave the hospital willingly or be forcibly removed. Mrs. Murray refused to leave without her baby. Although baby Murray has been reunited with his parents and three older sisters, this is another disturbing case of hospital staff baby-snatching children from families.