Worst Approval Rating in 70 Years, Dr. Robert G. Marbut Jr., and Jennifer Stolo at NRB

About a month ago

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Dr. Chaps reports that Joe Biden is officially the worst President in 70 years, according to a Gallup poll. President Joe Biden is wallowing in disapproval in a way no president has done in 70 years, according to a new poll.

Also at NRB, we interview Dr. Robert and Executive Producers Dr. Robert G. Marbut Jr. and Jennifer Stolo about the film "No Address," a full-length feature film about a group of individuals who unexpectedly fall into homelessness. They bond together as an unconventional family, struggling to survive on the streets while warding off a harassing gang, an unforgiving community, and local authorities in hopes of getting their lives back. This cinematic exploration of hope, humanity, and resilience showcases how these characters navigate the stormy challenges of life with no physical address. Inspired by true events, this compelling drama captures the heartwarming journey of those experiencing homelessness.

Lastly, Judge Roy Moore's Foundation for Moral Law filed an amicus brief this week with the United States Supreme Court urging the Court to take the case of 39 military chaplains who suffered discrimination because of their religious objections to the COVID vaccine.


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