Worldwide Media Runs Cover for Governor DeWine, EPA, and Norfolk Southern | Arizona is Being Changed by the Left Through Unconstitutional Elections | Daniel Krynzel, Amber May

about 9 months ago

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Multiple agitations are occurring in the United States that sweep away coverage of each of them before people can dig deeper. The distractions created are a confusion to those becoming interested in the information. Overwhelming pressure develops and they retreat into the things which seemingly comfort them. That is control.

We continue to see events with lasting future effects unfold in East Palestine, Ohio. With a careful eye and ear you must witness and remember that the leadership is actively participating in more than just some controlled burn. They are participating in a controlled suppression of people that they deem to be unworthy.

Governor DeWine, someone who could never in a realistic critical thinking world garner inspiration to lead people, continues to make appearances on media that do not shed light properly on the failures of him. When confronted by those with difficult questions he ignores them and brushes them away - much like Joe Biden.

Yet, the real effects in this community, which are spreading everywhere in the country, are being thwarted by an effort in the media to downplay the facts. The area is poisoned. The poison is spreading. People are getting very sick. Animals are dying.

There's no poison from these chemicals their experts say. The animals aren't really dying. The air is clean. Everything is normal. We're sorry. Drink the water.

You'll discover this is false. These are lies. This is Big Corp, Big Government, Soft Tyranny, Big Media, and ESG protection.

As we continue to talk and reveal these issues there are others to still focus upon. Daniel Krynzel joins to discuss finding financial purpose and being led by God to do it. The focus is upon the men - those who've long been made to no longer have standing in leadership. How do you reclaim this and become the Alpha Male in your life?

Also, more problems continue in Maricopa County, Arizona. Precinct Committeeman Amber May joins to discuss the ongoing issues with elections and the suppression of the conservative voters.

Our nation is truly being changed from within. We are made to destroy it with our own hands. There are people rising to fight against it but are there going to be results? Can there be results?

There will not be the results you hope for with indifference and excuses to act. That's upon you.


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