William Owens Interview - THE WHY JESUS BOOK SERIES - Overcomers.TV #372

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William Owens Interview - THE WHY JESUS BOOK SERIES - Overcomers.TV #372
William Owens is a prolific author of sixteen books within the Christian literature genre, including Divine Protocol and Warriors Arise! Bastards in The Pulpit, and a teen book entitled, “Wisdom the Principal Thing Get It! “His books of poetry include Naked Before God - Words that Express My Heart and Poems for America, where he wrote a poem every day for 53 days during the election of 2016. He has written over 4000 poems and has produced a poetry concert called Poetic Expressions of Hope, Love, & Forgiveness. In 2017, he evangelized on his bike from NV to Texas and shared his amazing experience in his new book “Astonished.” Starting on Thanksgiving Day of 2019, he walked from Montgomery to Selma, praying for America.
He has been in the publishing industry for over 30 years and is launching an international collection of stories, essays, and testimonies of Christians worldwide called Why Jesus Book Series.
And this is the victory that has overcome the world our faith...


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