While Ukraine Oligarchs Live in Mansions Paid for By Americans, Lahaina Citizens Live in Tents

About 2 months ago

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JD Rucker

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Lahaina wildfire survivors are sleeping in tents after being kicked out of temporary housing accommodations, saying they are "insulted" by the US government's lack of help.

The majority of those living in tents along the beach lost everything they owned in the Lahaina wildfire on August 8, 2023, the most devastating natural disaster in Hawaiian history, which destroyed the little town of Maui and killed at least 101 people.

Residents impacted by the wildfires were offered temporary accommodation in hotels soon after the disaster, but many of those arrangements have since expired.

Despite FEMA's offer to rent out properties to fire victims at three times the current rate, the majority of landlords have declined, favoring short-term profits above long-term tenants, the Daily Mail reports.

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