When the Shutdown Drives You Crazy - The Dr. Peter Breggin Hour - 04/15/20

about a year ago

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Peter R. Breggin MD

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Originally posted to YouTube on Apr 15, 2020.  This video had 1,663 views and 119 likes.
At this time when families are afflicted with so much stress and yet forced to remain together in the same household, conflicts and tensions are likely to heighten. If approached properly, this close proximity, instead of leading to tragedy, can lead to vastly improved communication and much better relationships. My guest, psychologist Howie Glasser, and I discuss the most basic and important principles for having positive, rational communications that improve our relationships with those who matter in our lives. We provide guidelines and specific examples of how to change our approach to talking with those we care about and live with. This is a good complement to the previous week’s Dr. Peter Breggin Hour, “Talking Together,” in which I cover similar issues in a presentation own my own, drawing on my many years as a therapist, husband and parent.