What is Soros' Open Society Doing in Brazil? Is Putin Losing Steam? World News 12/18/22

About 2 years ago

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What is Soros doing in Brazil? Brazilian President-Select Lula has nominated the head of the Open Society Foundations Latin America as part of his transition team. Is Putin losing steam in Ukraine? Reports say he is sending actors and circus performers to the front lines to encourage troops as Russian technicians are constructing a protective dome over spent radioactive fuel stores at the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant. Traveling to the UK? Hotels might be a little harder to come by. Over 400 hotels in the UK are being used to house illegal migrants. In Norway a woman is facing prison time for saying that only women can be lesbians. Netherlands- Carbon tax on everyone. The Dutch government has just reached an agreement that would see individuals charged a personal carbon tax for their energy use. The EU Qatargate scandal keeps going deeper. As many as 60 members of the European Parliament could be in the crosshairs of investigators as the corruption scandal involving Qatar appears to be growing. Shocking 1 in 30 Deaths in Canada Were From Assisted Suicide in 2021 “Trudeau’s gov has removed the 10 day wait time from when you ask for medical assistance in suicide…& you don’t have to do it in writing, you can just verbally ask the state to kill you.” The cold can't keep these Canadians from the streets chanting 'Trudeau must go," protesting their inept government. Read More:

Link to Public Square Christmas In America mentioned on today's show: 

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