What Does The Quran Say About The Value of Women

about a year ago

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The Value of Woman

On the latestLive Up to Freedom, Aynaz Anni Cyrus discusses the value of women according to the Qur'an by using verses and civil codes of the Islamic Republic of Iran. While people are celebrating our new friendship and deal with Iran, Cyrus is bringing us back to the fundamental value issue that can never be smoothed over.

Using the fourth chapter of Qur’an, Cyrus points out the significant value difference Islam has for women. In one of the verses, it states that women are not entitled to the same inheritance as men. In fact, a son will take twice as much as his female siblings. This verse translates in the Islamic Republic of Iran’s civil code, where the scripture is put into law. This shows that rules are different between men and women. Women are valued less. In fact, they are worth half as much as a man. Yet, we don’t point out this discrimination to a country that we are eagerly making a deal with?