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About 2 years ago

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Sherronna Bishop: All right. It's Wednesday on America's Mom. We have Joe Oltmann from Conservative Daily. Ashe Epp is talking about how moms become activists. A horrifying bill that will absolutely blow your mind and make you wonder if we're still on planet Earth. All are happening today on America's Mom.

Sherronna Bishop: Thomas Paine let us know very early on before our country was even established in a constitution, that government is just a necessary evil. It would behoove the American people to capture that idea once more. The government doesn't love us. Government is not our friend, and the government is not here to serve us as they once were supposed to. We are the government. We are supposed to be restraining and holding our elected officials accountable and also holding our government accountable to the promises that they made to secure our rights. But it doesn't take long in any blue-controlled state or Democrat-dominant state to find out that that is just not happening.

Sherronna Bishop: In fact, across this country, people who are standing up and saying this very thing is being demonized, and the political system has turned into a punitive system against those of us who are regular people who are saying what is going on? You don't have to look too far if you've been in Colorado to see all that has happened, the madness behind the politicians, and how they've weaponized their roles. The judicial system has weaponized its branch of government against people they just simply do not agree with. If I had a penny for every time I hear, we'd have to see if we get a constitutional judge or not. I would be a very rich person right now. What's happening in America requires for us to just continue to stand up and thwart government that is out of control.

Sherronna Bishop: When we look at what happened last week with a new person in charge of your speech telling you what you can and can't say. These are levels we've never seen in America. And so you have to take that voice and get active, get public, get vocal and get as big as you can to keep your government accountable.

Sherronna Bishop: You don't have to be in Colorado very long before you hear the name Joe Oltmann and his association with election security in Colorado. Joe Oltmann was responsible for revealing Eric Coomer, the head of Dominion Voting Machines, and his conspiracy to work with Antifa to not only cause chaos and mayhem in our streets but also somehow to prevent Donald Trump from being elected. I had the opportunity to talk with Joe Oltmann about the Good Morning America hit piece on Colorado's conservatives who are concerned about election security. And Joe Oltmann from Conservative Daily is joining us today on America's Mom, one of our great patriots here in Colorado. And obviously, many of you have seen him traveling across the country for the Great Awakening Tour. Being with Clay Clark, all of these amazing people and has done such a phenomenal job of exposing election fraud. I couldn't think of anyone better to come in today and comment on the recent Good Morning America story about Colorado and our elections. Joe, thank you so much for joining us today. Thanks for being with us.

Joe Oltmann: Hey, thanks for having me.

Sherronna Bishop: Yeah. So now that you've read the spin that Good Morning America is putting out, I'm not exactly sure what the story is trying to do. It's quite a hit piece on, of course, Tina Peters, Sean Smith, and anyone in Colorado who is questioning elections. That would mean you as well. And also insinuating that people like you and I have put the clerk and recorders of Colorado under extreme duress. And in fact, they are fearful of violence. They're fearful of attacks and security risks to their office. After reading this article, what are your thoughts about what's happening here in Colorado and what Jena Griswold, the secretary of state, is positioning us for?

Joe Oltmann: You know, the one thing about the left is that they continue to lie. Everything that they say is a lie. It's a projection. When we got involved in this fight in November of 2020, the only ones that got death threats were us. The only one that got attacked was us. And so as I look at what they say and I look at what they do, they're projecting what they've done to everyone inside of this movement. We have never stood out there and said we're going to attack anyone. We've never gone and burned down buildings. But they have. We've never done the things that they're saying that we're doing, ever. But they create this false narrative so that they can justify their illegal actions. What we've seen across the entire country is that dominion voting systems and the systems that are responsible for tallying our votes they're all compromised. 

Joe Oltmann: We saw 2000 Mules get cut out of the mainstream media because they favored money over telling the American people the truth. When it comes to the machines, you have Otero County. We interviewed David and Aaron Clements this morning and much of the same thing that we found in Mesa County and Maricopa County, and Antrim County down in Fulton County, Georgia. The information that we got out of Philadelphia and with S&S it's all the same. There's systematic fraud that's being developed in every one of the machines they are selecting, not electing. And by the way, if that's not true, why not have transparency? Why not show us, lift up the hood, and show us by doing audits? But they have fought every step of the way, and they have lied every step of the way.

Joe Oltmann: Nobody cares about the county clerk and recorder. They just don't.

Sherronna Bishop: No, they don't. You just said something about Otero County. That's in Colorado. What are you alluding to? This is the first I've heard about this.

Joe Oltmann: So Otero County is in New Mexico. It's actually not in Colorado. We had David and Erin. They did a complete audit in Otero County. And the information that they found, again, goes back and validates the entire model that I built in December of 2020, the model that shows that the election fraud was systematic within the machines. The machines were designed to defraud the American voter. And look, why are they suppressing it, not even having any sort of thought leadership? Why are they not curious? Why are they not having a debate? And we'll talk about Colorado specifically in Matt Crane. Matt Crane went on TV with the County Clerks on Friday, four days before Mike Lindell came to Colorado for a protest about election fraud. And they said, show us the proof. They said, show it to us. And we said, okay, we'll show it to you. We were excited. Right. We talked about this. Yes. They want to see the actual evidence. We have the evidence. We have mounds of evidence that prove the election fraud in 2020. It's not, maybe. It's like, hey. This may have happened, right? It's absolutely definitively what happened in the 2020 election.

Joe Oltmann: Then on Monday, Matt Crane, after we contacted Matt Crane collectively, there was a bunch of us that did this, said the time for debate is over. So it was a dog and pony show to lie to the American people. And that's all that they've done. All the way along the line. Here's the problem. They've declared war on the American people. That's what they've done. Now, we haven't gone out with violent rhetoric. We didn't even talk violently about Jena Griswold, and she lied about the fact that she needed added security. We didn't say that. Sean Smith didn't say that. What he said is that if she's guilty of election fraud, she should be hung.

Sherronna Bishop: Actually, he said anyone who has interfered in our elections should be hung.

Joe Oltmann: Didn't talk about Jen at all. No, but the point was, is that is actually the punishment for treason in our country. And stealing elections is not a victimless crime.

Sherronna Bishop: Right. Look at the policies and the impact. Absolutely.

Joe Oltmann: We have put our lives on the line. We have put our lives on the line. I was a tech CEO. I didn't need this. I didn't want this. Right. You were running campaigns. You were doing lots of different things in your own business. You put all of that on hold to secure the vote and secure the voice of the American people. They're running around talking about democracy while they're destroying it. That's what evil does. And Good Morning America should be ashamed of themselves because they're actually not curious, and they're not looking at the evidence. And the evidence is overwhelming.

Sherronna Bishop: It is overwhelming. I want to point out that Adams County is a primary focus in this. And they said they needed to change security protocols because possibly someday, there might be some sort of risk. And then they lean to Chaffee County. Now, you were the one who was responsible for bringing forward Eric Coomer, who ended up being part of Antifa, who specifically said not to worry about Trump. He had that covered. You were there. You heard that the Chaffee County clerk hasn't had her cameras on in four years, which is a violation of Colorado state statutes. And she also houses homes and hangs out with Eric Coomer. What do you think about that?

Joe Oltmann: I think that, you know, sunlight is the best disinfectant. And I think what we're dealing with right now is we're dealing with the amount of evil and conspiring criminal enterprise that has led us down a path where we're seeing it in broad daylight. We see all of the fraud that exists. And Eric Coomer, by the way, I did not get involved in the building the models and everything else and checking out Dominion voting systems until he lied. Until he went into the Denver Post and said that these posts are made up and that it's all fabricated and I don't even have a Twitter account, my Facebook account, it hasn't been on, and then we find out that's a lie. He deleted all those things, and we also saw him run into a building and then lie to police point-blank and then watch as the system protected him. They protected him after he committed a felony.

Sherronna Bishop: And for our viewers, Eric Coomer is the head of Dominion Voting Systems in Colorado, where initially they were based. And I think since then, they picked up and hightailed it out after you exposed them.

Joe Oltmann: Well, and look, I wasn't involved in the election fraud movement. I wasn't involved in understanding dominion voting systems or ESMS. Now, I would say that I probably know enough about the system. I could build it from one end to the other from a system architecture standpoint because I've done the job of looking into those systems. But it was just that call. It was just the hyperbole and the boastful nature of Eric Coomer that led me down the path when he was on that call, like, don't worry about it, you know, Trump's not going to win. I made sure of it. Those are his words, not mine. But his behavior and who he is has borne out over the last year and a half. I didn't get arrested for drinking. And they say allegedly drinking and driving. He ran into the bar, drank a couple of shots before the cops got there, and then lied about hitting a building. He did that. I didn't do it. I didn't do any of that.

Sherronna Bishop: Right.

Joe Oltmann: I didn't write articles about my wife, about how I sexually assaulted her. I don't have a Church of Satan tattoo on my body. I don't have those things. But over and over and over again, he proves to be who he is. And he's the one that lied, not me, that led me to get into Dominion. And everything we said about Dominion has come true. Everything within that system is designed to defraud the American people.

Sherronna Bishop: If there's anything that we've learned, Joe, we've learned that the media tends to put out the narrative before it actually happens. And what's concerning to me about this particular article is this illusion, this allure that those who are concerned about elections will be violent. I feel that that's what they're trying to project right now. And with all of the poll watchers that are being trained across the state of Colorado to be there, to observe, and all across the country, frankly, people are taking control of their own elections because they belong to the people, regardless of the laws that are being written to subvert the people. The elections belong to us. And so I'm concerned when I read articles like this or the story from Good Morning America, where they are implying that already there's going to be violence because people are concerned about elections. And so the clerks are jumping on board with this fake narrative, saying they have to have a bulletproof glass now and don't take the same route home after work each day. I mean, this is insanity. We've never been violent.

Joe Oltmann: They watched my podcast, and they know what I have to do on a daily basis. They took the narrative of what I have to do, what I've lived for the last two years, and they've applied it to themselves. I have bulletproof glass on my house. I have thermal cameras that surround my property. I have to take a different route to work every day. And by the way, this isn't hyperbole. This isn't made up. This is actually what I have to go through every single day. And everyone that's inside the studio, everyone that knows me, knows the precautions that I have to take just because, frankly, I'm a target that they've never been able to debunk.

Joe Oltmann: They said that I didn't record the call with Coomer. Why would I? I was looking for journalists. I wasn't looking for him. They said that I wouldn't uncover the Antifa guy that gave me access to the call. Why would I? Look what they've done to every single person, look at what I have to do at my home. Right? And frankly, we don't have a propensity for violence. They do. They are burning buildings, harassing people, going to their homes, and throwing Molotov cocktails at pro-life events. They're telling kids to basically disobey and deceive their parents. This is what they do, and this is what evil does. And frankly, what they should be afraid of is that people are getting to that place, both Democrat and Republican, where they recognize the evil that has permeated through our entire society, through our government structures. They're not afraid. They're not afraid of putting bulletproof glass. They want to create an environment where they can fortify their theft. That is the biggest threat to our country.

Sherronna Bishop: I think we should leave it right there. Joe Oltmann, Conservative Daily, great American Patriot, thank you for coming on America's Mom today.

Joe Oltmann: God bless you.

Sherronna Bishop: All right. Crazy Kate Brown, governor of Oregon, is bringing us our bad bill today.

Unidentified Individual (Video Clip): Let me share the Menstrual Dignity Act. This is from Governor Kate Brown in Oregon. And this is one of those stories where you almost can't believe it until you hear about it. It says this, "Starting next year, products will be available in all restrooms, male, female, all gender. In every public school in Portland, where education occupies to ensure timely compliance, PBS ordered 500 dispensers. Dispensers have been installed in all elementary and middle school girls' restrooms, and more will be installed. And all remaining bathrooms, including boys' restrooms next year."

Sherronna Bishop: 3294 is outrageous. Let me just tell you this. And in a time when people can't pay for gasoline, don't worry. We are going to make sure that we have menstrual dignity for all in our public schools in Oregon. Kate Brown has just signed into law a requirement that menstrual products also be offered in our boys' bathrooms. Yes, because we wouldn't want anybody to be disparaged there. Starting next year, products will be available in all the restrooms for males, females, and all gender in every building where education is supposedly occurring. I don't even think we believe that anymore. A little more about this bill. It is to prevent the shame and stigma surrounding people getting their time of the month. And in March, the State Education Department also issued a menstrual dignity for students toolkit containing instructions on how to use menstrual products and tips for menstruation. Positive language. I'm so sorry. Is this real? Is this real? It is real. I don't know how to tell you all this, but it is. Here's what it is.

Sherronna Bishop: Importantly, the most significant thing about this bill and what it's going to do for social justice and equity is this it will affirm the right to menstrual dignity for transgender, intersex, non-binary, and even two-spirit students. I don't even know what that is. By addressing the challenges that some students have managing menstruation while minimizing negative attention that could have put them at risk of harm and navigating experiences of gender dysmorphia during menstruation. Will, any 13-year-old girl can tell you no law is going to change that. Another bad bill is coming out of Oregon, and they're crazy dysfunctional. Kate Brown.

Unidentified Individual (Video Clip): Either way, the American people deserve the truth. And we're going to get the truth. Yes.

Sherronna Bishop: Here on America's mom, you know, we bring you the most powerhouse moms who are making things happen. They are movers. They are shakers. They are changing the way things are happening in America and especially here in Colorado. Friends we have with us today, Ashe Epp with Ash in America, such a patriot. You might have seen her on Conservative Daily already. She's been hosting the show pretty regularly now, and she is with us today. Ashe, welcome to America's mom. Thank you for being here.

Ashe Epp: Oh, thanks so much for having me. It's an honor. Congratulations on the show.

Sherronna Bishop: Oh, well, thank you very much. I appreciate you. And to you, too. It's been so fun listening to you on Conservative Daily. That show needed a woman's touch. I'm glad you're there.

Ashe Epp: I thought so, too. You know, there was a point in time when Joe and Max were talking about abortion. And I was in the comments like freaking out because it's like you need a woman's touch in this conversation. So, yeah, you know, God has a way.

Sherronna Bishop: Very wise. And you've been a great fit there. And I love listening. I love watching you. So now, this hasn't always been your trajectory in life. I really want you to share your story with our fans, with our people who are fans of you, who already know who you are. You're writing is so incredible. It is so amazing that I hope everybody goes and reads your blogs after this because they've been incredible. And the way that you're able to grab on to words and explain what is happening before our very eyes in our own backyards, our state, and our country is amazing. So how did you start doing this? What happened to you?

Ashe Epp: Sure. Well, all glory to God for the writing talent. You know, it's funny because a lot of the time I don't remember what I've written, I've had people quote my words back to me, and I'm like, Oh, that's interesting. And they're like, No, you said that. So I've always been a writer. I wrote my first published piece in school at the age of I think it was eight. But, you know, at the age of eight, I fell in love with the news. And I loved current event assignments when you would watch a news program or read an article and write a summary paragraph about it. We're talking like third or fourth grade, right?

Sherronna Bishop: I don't remember loving writing paragraphs in third and fourth grade. So. No, you're on your own with that.

Ashe Epp: Yeah. Do you remember the assignments? The current event assignments? So I loved the news because it was straight. Right. And as a kid, it was, you know, you get talked down to a lot. There are a lot of things that you don't know. You don't get the truth about it until you're older. And I loved how the news told it to me straight. And so I used to watch the news as a kid, and I watched it for years, and everything sort of changed when I was 13. In 1992, it was the presidential election between Bush and Clinton, and Ross Perot was running as a third-party candidate. Now, my parents were really torn about whether or not to vote for Bush senior or to vote for Perot. They ended up voting for Perot twice, but they were really wrestling with the decision. And when I turned on the news and listened to the news, which I did at that point. Anybody who was considering voting for Perot was crazy and was throwing their vote away and was painted as stupid and painted as uneducated. Right. That was what the news was saying. So when I was 13, I really kind of woke up to narrative for the first time, super naive, and thought I could change it and went to journalism school, decided that I was going to become a journalist. It was all I wanted. I went to journalism school, and on day one, you learn that all media is owned. At the time, it was four companies. Now it's owned by six companies.

Ashe Epp: And they are beholden to their advertisers, not to the people, and not to the truth. And so I had gone into journalism school with a hypothesis that something was broken and then very much realized that brokenness is taught, and that's how it goes. So when I got out of journalism school and graduated, I went into business and spent 20 years writing for corporate America, writing the words of the C-suite and the words that became the fabric of the organizations that I worked for. But it was never my voice. It was always somebody else's voice that I was kind of ghostwriting. Right? So when the stolen election happened, I couldn't stay silent anymore. And God had been telling me for a while not to be silent.

Ashe Epp: I've said this a bunch. I was praying on November 4th, like a lot of people woke up on November 4th, and we're like, What just happened? And God very clearly said to me, I am allowing people to reveal themselves. And he had also told me not to be silent. And so that kind of sparked the journey of Ashe in America. The blog I had written under the name Ashe in America on Medium for a while. It was not nearly what it is today. And then I was kicked off Medium and started asheinamerica.com so that I wouldn't be de-platformed again and have my writing taken away. So.

Sherronna Bishop: Wow. Wait a minute. You were de-platformed, and you were kicked off for writing a conservative perspective?

Ashe Epp: On Medium. Yes.

Sherronna Bishop: Wow.

Ashe Epp: At the time that I was de-platformed off of Medium, I was writing about mental health and what the pandemic was doing from a mental health standpoint.

Sherronna Bishop: Wow. What on Earth? All right, so you're moving right along. We've been following you. You've been shining a huge light on election issues across the country and obviously on COVID policies as well. You're a mom. You also work. I mean, this isn't your whole life just being involved in politics and policy. You have a very industrious life. And yet you've made time for all of this. Why are you doing this? I mean, you could do whatever you wanted to do. You've been successful in your life. Why would you risk it all now?

Ashe Epp: We have to. As you said, I'm a mom, right? Shout out to my oldest son, Caleb, with the Mountain Vista hockey team, who won the championship game on Sunday. I spent Mother's Day watching a very close hockey game, and it was incredible. Best Mother's Day ever. But I'm a mom, and I have three children. I have three sons who I'm raising to be strong men. And I can't leave this Earth in the condition that it's in without saying that I did everything that I could. We got to this point because of apathy, because of not paying attention, and because of thinking either the problems are too big, and we can't fix them ourselves, or someone else is going to fix it. And neither of those things are true. There is nothing new under the sun. And the problems that we are facing right now have a history as old as time. Right? People want power. And we've seen what happens when people can get power. Right? So America was founded on the idea that we are self-governed, that we are responsible for ourselves. Like Jordan Peterson says, first make your bed. We're the architects of our own destiny, and we're accountable for our own governance. But slowly, over time, over the past 100 years and even longer, we've been systematically giving our power and our rights away to a centralized government, to the point wherein just the past two years, we've talked about mandatory vaccines. 

Sherronna Bishop: Did you ever think that we would have the government telling us what to inject into our bodies? I mean, just on a principled place, not necessarily the vaccine, good or bad, but that we would let the government tell us what to put into our bodies? I can't even believe it.

Ashe Epp: Only from a mark of the beast. I was raised in a church where that talked about end times. I've heard about being marked by the government and needing a certain mark to buy and sell. Since I was small, I used to scare myself as a child. Right. You know, talking to children about end times can have some weird side effects.

Sherronna Bishop: Slightly traumatizing, but necessary.

Ashe Epp: Yeah. At the beginning of the pandemic, there was a meme going around where it was a picture of three things on top of each other, the picture of a mask and a picture of a vaccine needle, and then the picture of a digital passport. And we were talking about masks at the time because it was the beginning of the pandemic, and it was masks and lockdown. And so during the time that meme was going around, we were all called conspiracy theorists and crazy people for saying that mandatory vaccines would ever come about, but, B, passports would ever come about. That's so un-American that could never happen. And certainly, in 2008 through 11, I was a part of the Tea Party, and certainly, as part of the Tea Party, I never thought that we would get to the point where we would have mandatory vaccines. I was still in corporate America at the time. With that mandatory vaccine policy and Biden's executive order, mandatory vaccines came out. I was in consulting, so I saw a lot of different businesses policy on this. Businesses, you know, immediately say you have to get vaccinated now. Keeping spreadsheets of people's vaccination status in corporate America.

Sherronna Bishop: Wow. That's crazy.

Ashe Epp: Horrifying stuff that is so dystopian and things that we never thought we'd get to as Americans. And now you still see people with the masks on out, right? And people want to wear masks. That's fine. Don't try to force me. And definitely don't touch children.

Sherronna Bishop: Absolutely.

Ashe Epp: My line is children.

Sherronna Bishop: Ashe, I want to know who gave you permission to start doing this stuff? Who told you you could start writing about our country and writing about bad policies and bad politicians? Who gave you permission to do this stuff?

Ashe Epp: Nobody except that God commanded it. God has given me the ability to write, right. It's very easy for me. It's the words. They just come, and it doesn't even take me that long. That's a gift that God has given to me. And He's given it to me for a purpose. And He has commanded me to use it for that purpose, for his purpose. And my primary prayer every day now is just let me stay in the center of your will. Let my words be our words, and let me stay in the center of your will. I don't want anybody to remember me. I never had any desire to be recognized or to have people know my name. I don't want anybody to remember my name. I want people to see Jesus, and I want people to think truth, right?

Ashe Epp: I want people to know that they're going to get the truth. And no matter who it offends, no matter which party or which company or which entity is upset by the truth, I don't care. The American people deserve the truth, and humanity deserves the truth, especially if we're talking about things like COVID, which is a crime against humanity on a massive scale. What's been done to COVID, especially what's being done to the children now, as there's a hardcore push to vaccinate children, despite the disclosures that come out of the Pfizer docs.

Sherronna Bishop: Yes, over 1,200 people dead in the first couple of weeks of the trial. Unbelievable, I tell you.

Ashe Epp: Unprecedented that a vaccine would be allowed to continue with a record like that. But that's where we are.

Sherronna Bishop: Well, you know, I want everybody to know who you are and to be empowered. You're building your own table. I hope I have a seat at that table. I admire you so much and the work that you're doing. You're an amazing mom, and your children one day are going to rise up and call you blessed. So thank you so much for everything you're doing, and I look forward to more conversations with you. Ashe, thank you for being with us.

Ashe Epp: Thank you so much, Sherronna. It's an honor. Thank you.

Sherronna Bishop: Parents. I think you're going to be very surprised when you finally realize what your kindergarten, first-grade, second-grade, and third-grade teachers have been reading to your child. Did you give consent? Do you approve? Join us for storytime. Now, I'm not going to give you the whole thing because it will absolutely blow your mind. You'll need duct tape. We can't afford that today. But just a couple of little glimpses. Take a listen.

Sherronna Bishop (Video Clip): This one is called It Feels Good to Be Yourself, a critically acclaimed book and wonderful tool to help young children understand gender identity. This is Ruthie, a sweet little girl. She's a transgender girl. That means when she was born, everyone thought she was a boy until she grew a little bit older and could tell everybody that she was actually a girl. A girl is Ruthie's transgender identity. This is Ruthie's brother, Xavier. Xavier is a cisgender boy. That means when Xavier was born, everyone thought he was a boy. And as he grew older, it turned out everybody was right. He was a boy. Alex is both a boy and a girl. When Alex was born, everyone thought Alex was a girl.

Sherronna Bishop: But Alex is both boy and a girl. This is Alex's gender identity. So what are we supposed to call? This is Alex Friend JJ. JJ is neither a boy nor a girl. So Alex is a boy and a girl. JJ is not a boy or a girl.

Sherronna Bishop: Parents, if you aren't convinced that you need to play an active role in the education and the safety of your child, I hope this helps you. It really is your right, your role, and your purpose to be the one who's responsible for your child. As we're fighting the government, and we're trying to hold on to this last little shred of liberty that we hope we still have here in this great country. Don't be discouraged. Look around. Everybody has joined this fight. They're slow to the party. That's true. But they're finally coming along. We're going to have our day of justice, and we're going to redeem this amazing country. I just know it. Make sure to join us on Friday for our special interview. And remember, evil prevails when good men do nothing. See you back here soon.