We Can Override The Federal Government By Influencing State and Local Elected Officials

about a year ago

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Use State Power!

On The Stew Peters Show, Stew Peters addresses the power Americans have to override the Federal Government. That power lies in influencing state and local elected officials. The people do not need to recapture the Federal Government to derail the globalist agenda. All the American people need is to get our local and state senators to take action against the subservience. We need our version of Brexit. We need an "Amexit." 

Marc Malone, an English-born American philosopher, discusses the major impact senators and congressmen have in an "Amexit." Many elected representatives have done right by the American people. They have been ending lockdowns and mask mandates. They have ended climate memberships, started oil production, and so much more. The Federal Government has nothing against the power of the states. Outside the Bill of Rights and Amendments, states have the power. And we need to start using it.