We Are In a Proxy War WIth Russia and We Are In Danger Of It Turning In To A Direct Conflict

About 2 years ago

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Administration Wants a War

The radical left worships chaos, crime, and intense animosity. Whether it is here or abroad, it is always on display. Now it is showing in eastern Europe. Instead of focusing on saving civilian lives in the Russia-Ukraine Crisis, Biden is pushing a HOT war against Russia. Real bloodshed and conflict. After all, we are helping Ukraine kill Russian generals with intelligence. In addition, we helped crash an aircraft carrier and sink a Russian flagship. 

However, instead of keeping it on the down-low, our administration is gloating in public. Why? Because we are in a proxy war and we want to win! Will Johnson says that this mindset is on purpose because the administration is aiming for direct conflict with Russia. The establishment is losing so much support that they are desperate for power. If war starts, Biden could easily create martial law until the conflict is over.