We Are Not Prepared or Preparing Correctly For A Nuclear Conflict

about a year ago

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Dr. Pry Suggests to Brannon That We Are at War With Russia, Albeit Not Yet Nuclear

Everyone in Washington feels that we are on the verge of a nuclear crisis. Our nuclear stores and deterrents have not been tested properly and have not been maintained in 40 years or more. Some on the left believe that we should ban the bomb. Recently some nuclear projects have been canceled at a time when we must maintain the highest level of preparedness. While we need to be prepared, Russia has over 2000 weapons at the ready, we have a mere 200 ready to go. Some believe that Russia may have as many as 8000.

While we are being taunted by Russia, China, and North Korea with nuclear weapons, the Biden administration has canceled some prime nuclear programs. Many conservatives are also saying that it is alright for us to continue to keep Ukraine supplied with weapons. This of course leaves us even less able to protect ourselves. While we help to escalate this war, we have to ask where the red line is that pushes Russia over the edge and leads to full-out nuclear conflicts around the world. The first duty of our government is to protect the American people. It is not to see how far we can push the limits of other nuclear powers.