Wayne Allyn Root: How to Stop Biden Vaccine Mandates

about 2 years ago

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How to Stop Biden Vaccine Mandates By Wayne Allyn Root It's time for conservatives, Christians, patriots and 80+ million Trump warriors to adopt the mentality, strategy and tactics of Dr. Martin Luther King and black civil rights leaders, because we are now the persecuted. It's our civil and human rights being violated. In response to the communist takeover of America - to the destruction (at record pace) of everything that made our country great; to the clear civil rights and free speech violations of the Constitution aimed at conservatives and patriots (and in particular, the unvaccinated) - I wrote a brand new bestselling book, The Great Patriot Protest & Boycott Book to teach conservatives how to use protest, boycotts, intimidation and civil disobedience - just as liberals and civil rights activists have done for decades. The loud minority has outplayed and steamrolled the Silent Majority for decades with this strategy of intimidation. Two can play at this game. We can't be silent anymore. We can't play nice anymore.