The Vaxxed and the Vaxxed-Nots

About 2 years ago

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The Netherlands are going into lockdowns, France, Cyprus, Austria, Denmark, and Ireland are going into lockdowns. You get a lockdown, you get a lockdown!  Everybody gets a lockdown!

After two years of these same efforts to mitigate COVID, we find ourselves with unknown variants followed by myriad vaccines and boosters.  It’s a never-ending vicious cycle - just the way they want it.  People are so desperate they will be willing to take the jab in an effort to gain some type of normalcy.  

Because of this, our society is rapidly moving into segregated groups.  Your social status will be determined by your vaxxed status.  

If you were enjoying your dinner in Queens, New York this past Wednesday evening, you may have thought you were transported to the 1950s south as you watched four citizens who were considered “not good enough to dine with the in-crowd” get arrested.  Their crime?  Not showing their vaccine cards.

These four individuals had the audacity to enter an establishment in the People’s Republic of de Blasio and order food from the counter where only vaxxed people were allowed to sit.

A clear violation of our rights is displayed for all to see; onlookers observed as their fellow American’s - one of whom was a vet -  were dragged away, hands bound behind their backs for not showing their vaccine papers.

What’s next?  Vaccinated and unvaccinated water fountains?  Vaccinated and unvaccinated bathrooms?  Vaxxed and unvaxxed schools?  Soon only those who have given in to the Hateful Segregated State will be allowed to engage the population.  There won’t be a need to move the vaxxed to the back of the bus - we won’t even be allowed on the bus.

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