Utah County Commissioner explains authority to analyze the CVR election data

About 2 years ago

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Utah County Commissioner Bill Lee talks to Rod Arquette Show about why asking for the Cast Vote Record (CVR) election data fulfills his Board of Canvasser responsibility to certify Utah County's 2022 Primary Election in Utah County. 

Listen to Utah County Commissioner Bill Lee explain his authority to analyze the CVR election data as a part of Board of Canvasser duties.  Has Commissioner Lee exposed counties role as purely administrative within a state centralized election system that gives executive powers to the Utah's Lt. Governor's Office?  

Lee states, "Do the Board of County Commissioners have any power? Or do they not?  And if they don't have any power, and I am being told I have to vote on something, and I only have one vote and its yes. I can't vote no.  I can't vote to delay.  I only have one vote.  Is that really a vote?

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