Using ERIC To Add 200,000 Voter To The Rolls Just Before The 2020 Election Then Taking Them Back Off Just After The Election

about a year ago

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How Can More Voters Be Found, Used, and Removed?

ERIC is a computer that is supposed to clean voter rolls. This is supposed to be used in places like Wisconsin where they have almost two million more voters on their rolls than live in the state.

Missouri used ERIC to add almost 200,000 names to their voter rolls just in time to vote. They removed those names from the voters right after the votes were in. In a follow-up to the vote, people would sometimes go around to various households to check whether those living there voted. As a result, there might be one person living there that said they did not vote. Then they were asked about several other people using the same address. Those names did not live there. Upon closer inspection, some of these "voters" were over 100 years of age. Other names of voters were found to not even live in the state. All of these are known as phantom voters.

On another topic using phantom voters, there are campaign contributions. One individual may have contributed all they can to a campaign. So the wealthy individual gets the phantom voter list and begins making additional contributions using phantom names.

Today, Jack Dorsey of Twitter announced that if you use the term election in your tweets, you are subject to losing your account with Twitter. Mike Lindell believes that this is in direct relation to the upcoming Moment of Truth conference.