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I believe last week's attack against Israel was a mistake God Himself may have had a hand in. How so? Over 300 drones and missiles were shot down. This blunted Biden's effort to force a cease-fire in Gaza and gave Israel an opportunity to send a message to Iran that you can’t hit us but we can hit you. Likewise, the devil will overplay his hand in trying to lock Trump up over the payment to Stormy Daniels for an event that happened 18 years ago in 2006! The government saw no case but Soros-funded District Attorney Alvin Braggs saw a path to prosecute on behalf of New York. The NY judge is corrupt. His daughter is a fundraiser who gets money promising to lock up Trump. The jury pool comes from a population that voted 83% Democrat. It’s rigged and that’s how it will look to Independent voters and many working-class Democrats as well as male black voters who are moving toward Trump. The anti-Israel anti-American pro-Gaza radicals in the Democrat party are a real worry to Bidens team. Their problems are just beginning. If Braggs convicts Trump their problems will metastasize. Keep advancing! Be strong and courageous. We’re going to meet with Mario Murillo and thousands in Arizona next week with the Courage Tour! Then on to Michigan and Wisconsin. The battle is spiritual and the answer is both spiritual and natural as the grassroots Great Awakening awakens!


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