UN's COP28 Climate Summit Review: Phase Out of Fossil Fuels, Global Tax, War on Humanity

About 4 months ago

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Alex Newman

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The United Nations' 28th annual Conference of the Parties (COP28) in Dubai has come to a close, and the verdict is in: no fossil fuels, meat, or carbon emissions. What is the consequence for Americans as a result? The answer, argues Alex Newman, a decorated journalist and host of the Sentinel Report, is the loss of individual and national sovereignty.

In addition to crazy talks such as "climate reparations" for poor nations, global taxes, and eating bugs as an alternative to meat, the United Nations is blatantly boasting the inevitability of their success by displaying banners that state "the transformation is unstoppable." Is it unstoppable? If Americans would get up off the couch and fight for freedom, it could be stopped. Will you fight back?

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