Ukraine Wants Another $750 Billion to Rebuild but Isn't Russia Still Attacking

about a year ago

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Ukraine Asks for $750 Billion To Rebuild While Still at War

In the Ukraine proxy war with Russia, we have already spent over 400 billion dollars and the liberals say they will continue to spend until they get what they want. Now Ukraine comes back to us saying they need 750 billion in additional funds to rebuild. Let's note that Russia has not stopped attacking and destroying Ukraine. Why would we continue to pour money into the country when we can already see that it will wind up in the hands of Russia? Is this some kind of hush money? Remember that Ukraine is not a part of NATO and never will be. A Ukrainian official stated the following: Ukraine's direct infrastructure loss stands at over $100 billion. More than 1200 educational institutions and more than 200 hospitals, thousands of kilometers of gas pipelines, and water, and electricity networks have been destroyed or damaged. As well as roads and railway tracks have been destroyed or damaged. Who should pay for the renewal plan, which is already valued at $750 billion? We believe that the key source of recovery must be the confiscated assets of Russia. It was the Russian government that unleashed this bloody war. Frozen Russian assets, according to various estimates amount to $300-$500 billion. Ukraine is asking for this money while Russia is still bombing and destroying the country.

Ukraine has quickly devolved into a bottomless money pit for the US as Russia continues unabated despite the US spending billions of dollars. Ukraine states that this is something that belongs to the entire democratic world. It is not a part of NATO nor ever will be, yet they feel it is the responsibility of NATO nations to rebuild their country while it is still at war.