As Trump Runs for President the Establishment Unsheath Swords | Richard C. Lyons

about a year ago

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The midterms have proven to Americans that the landscape of their Constitutional Republic has been significantly altered. Kari Lake still continues to fight for governorship of her state while Katie Hobbs, the election overseer, has been declared the winner by legacy media. Lauren Boebert barely wins her seat. Republicans continue to ignore the problems before them.

Mitch McConnell is once again elected to leadership. Kevin McCarthy, as predicted, seizes Speaker of the House. The same people who failed to clean the filth in elections - made apparent in 2020 - have taken leadership. The establishment and globalists have seized control and do not intend to save the country from its course toward destruction.

President Trump announced his candidacy on November 15th as expected. Legacy media and those he helped to get elected have openly turned against him. The effort to replace him as a Republican frontrunner with DeSantis have gained momentum.

As the media spreads narratives regarding Trump the American public falls for the direction they are being led. Leftist, Conservative, and independent outlets continue to spew the efforts of division. Have Americans returned to the masters' whips?

Many have spoken aloud that Trump lacked energy during his Tuesday speech. Many have said Trump can't win if DeSantis runs. Have Americans that cried for return to founding values officially shown subjugation to the propagandists?

Richard C. Lyons, author of Shadows of the Acropolis, joins to discuss the change which has occurred in America. Are we still a Constitutional Republic or have the fundamentals been changed over the last century?


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