Trump Must Use Different Tactics Against DeSantis | Debt Ceiling Will Implement CBDCs and BRICS Control | Jeff Dornik, Clay Clark

About 9 months ago

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DeSantis has entered the race for president as anyone with eyes could have predicted. Before the official announcement President Trump already was on the offensive with preemptive name-calling and pushing back against DeSantis' advancement plans while being a newly reelected governor of Florida. He received stark criticism from mostly never-Trump pundits, but also from some of his loyal supporters.

To many people who don't just watch polls, but instead use critical thinking and judgment, it was obvious that Trump still held power over the Republican party (by base) and therefore would be a shoe-in for 2024 nomination. Yet, there are still the threats from the Democrats who already enjoy a field of fraud and interference that all but ensures a defeat of anyone against the leftist machine. This is why the former race tactics must not be the same.

Trump is a brash warrior. He does not like what he perceives as disloyalty, especially when that behavior cost him the election in 2020. He seeks to eliminate all those who oppose him from former support. His tactics should instead shift to eyes forward and presenting himself as the capable leader from which a stolen election and Democrat control destroyed his work.

The name calling of DeSantis only further serves to drive away those on the fence and those who could leave DeSantis due to his campaign like Trump without the old guy Trump. It's a typical thought process of young people and idealists who promote "out with the old and in with the new." Trump should therefore respond to this with a steel chin and words focused on the strengths.

The show of name-calling and appearing to tear down former staff will possibly add to his loss. With a candidate like DeSantis that has issues surrounding him that could lift Trump as the outsider again, his strength with poise and class must show this time.

Will Trump do it or rely on former tactics? The race is still early. We will see.


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