Trump making plans for rallies in Georgia and Iowa

About 2 years ago

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Trump making plans for rallies in Georgia and Iowa WILL THERE BE A TRUMP 2024? Georgia resident and Trump supporter, Lucretia Hughes available to discuss Special 9-11 rally hosted by an American patriot Lucretia Hughes, Political activist, motivational speaker, host of Real News with Lucretia Hughes, she is the co-founder of Fallback Productions along with her husband, and a speaker at Turning Point USA. Lucretia Hughes currently works as a financial professional, and has a strong belief in God, family and country, and has been to the White House numerous times under the Trump administration. After her son was shot and killed while at a Dominos, Hughes became a strong Second Amendment advocate, working with A Girl & A Gun organization. Lucretia Hughes has said she “can talk to people in the hoods and the woods” This September 11, 2021, Lucretia Hughes will be hosting the Faith Over Fear Rally in Loganville, Georgia, with the goal of bring together like minded people who value their freedoms and America. Learn more about the Faith Over Freedom Rally Twitter: @cre35 Facebook: Real News with Lucretia Hughes