Trump Kicked Off Colorado Ballot, Feds Plot to Radicalize Communities Towards Communism

About 4 months ago

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Alex Newman

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In this episode of The Sentinel Report, international journalist Alex Newman exposes the federal government's new "Federal Plan for Equitable Long-Term Recovery and Resilience" with journalist and parental rights watchdog Lisa Logan. The plan, put together by the USDA, EPA, DHS, HHS, DOC, and many other three-letter establishment swamp entities, seeks to infuse "federal funding into communities hit hard by the pandemic to make them more 'resilient' against future disasters," revealed Logan. "Under this pretext, radical policy changes will be expected in these local economies to foster resilience—changes not just in health but in education, housing, employment, transportation, food, water, justice, and climate."
Additionally, Alex covers the latest news, including the State of Colorado kicking President Donald Trump off the ballot, the upcoming release of Jeffery Epstein's client list, and much more. 
Finally, Michael King, the Director of Community Alliances for the Massachusetts Family Institute, steps into the program to provide timely commentary on the American church and how we can save our nation.
All this and more on Alex Newman's Sentinel Report!
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