Trump Indictment Signals Left's Election Interference Protocols | Human Trafficking, Transgender Terrorism, Restrict Act and Banking Crisis are All Related | Americans Do Not Have Situational Awareness | Andi Buerger, Col Brian Searcy

about 10 months ago

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The indictment of President Donald Trump by Alvin Bragg's grand jury is problematic to be sure. Quite frankly, they do not have the evidence to convict him of any crime as there wasn't one. What they do have is the weaponry of deception and agitation.

Perhaps they can lie. They do this anyway. The justice system is highly unreliable. Justice is dead. I hate to make such a statement but what else can anyone say? The most average citizen is already put on trial on social media before an arrest is made. People condemn them all the time without a trial. How many times have you heard someone complain about jury duty and lie to escape it?

The most glaring attack, though, is election interference. Not only have they made this move for official ambitions through attacking Trump, they have altered a fair competitive election. Disruption. Indifference. The people might grow weary.

As this occurs the most ignored - and rightly so - group of people called Transgenders have been militarized. One might say that is absurd but note the last several active shooters have identified as one of the aberrant special letters of the LGBTQ forever group.

This agitation is meant to attack conservatives and Christians. They want them silent. They want them powerless. They want them dead. A holocaust is upon us and you've been warned before the gay marriage acceptance that this was the intended endpoint.

However, there might be a chance to turn this around. As long as the few keep fighting the embers still burn. Will a breakthrough occur in time to save the nation or should you run away and hide now?

We won't stop. Ignite the embers.

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