Tresha Rodriguez "Patriot Night Cap" on the Grooming and Conditioning of Our Children

About 2 years ago

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Patriot Strong

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I join Tresha on her podcast "Patriot Night Cap" as we discuss the grooming and conditioning of our children in childcare centers, classrooms around America and mainstream media. Parents need to demand curriculum, and they need to step up. "Local Action has National Impact" - Gen. Flynn said it best, and even if it's one person standing up, it has a ripple effect. Stand up and STOP the sexualization and grooming of our youngest and most innocent minds. You can find Tresha and "Patriot Night Cap" on Youtube and Rumble or on Telegram! Courtney started her journey in the podcasting world after misconstrued headlines from a Trump campaign rally caught her eye, because it just wasn't true. From that point on, she has worked hard to research and dig up the truth that mainstream media just isn't bringing to you! Follow Courtney and Patriot Strong on all the social media accounts, and streaming services. Telegram: Truth Social: CourtneyMariePatriotStrong Venmo: PatriotStrong Support the Show: Official Merch: Support Mike Lindell and his amazing products here; Secure your future, and invest in Gold and Silver; For more information about Patriot Strong Podcast visit our website