Top Stories From 2023 With BardsFM & Resistance Chicks- New Years Day LIVE Special

About 7 months ago

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Resistance Chicks

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2023 has been a wild ride! Join BardsFM & Resistance Chicks for a LIVE New Year's Day Special where we will go over the top stories from 2023 and talk about what is ahead in 2024! Don't forget to join us over at  Is it just for BardsFm listeners? NO, this is a community for anyone who wants to be a part of a community of believers and truthers, to be able to connect on not only a national level but a local level. We are far stronger together than we are apart which is why they have tried so hard to divide- we but what they weren't counting on was for us to improvise, adapt and OVERCOME- which is exactly what is.


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