Todd Bensman on Terrorists Targeting Former President George W. Bush and How Terrorists Are Exploiting The Border Crisis to Enter The U.S.

about a year ago

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Todd Bensman: Good to be here. Thanks.

Brannon Howse: Of course, you probably know, and we've already been covering it all during 6 - 7 and then earlier tonight, our heart goes out to the state of Texas and the eighteen elementary school kids that were murdered today and their two teachers. I understand you reside in the state of Texas.

Todd Bensman: Yeah, this is just a terrible tragedy. I have kids. I mean, there's probably nothing worse in the world than something like this.

Brannon Howse: Absolutely.

Todd Bensman: This is terrible.

Brannon Howse: Let's talk in transition to your topic, border security. We're now getting reports, and Fox News came out the other day, and now they're acknowledging what you and I and others have been saying. I mean, it's in the subtitle of your book, jihad. The jihadis are getting over the border. Terrorists are getting over the border. Give us an update, please, Todd.

Todd Bensman: I mean, it's getting to the point where I can't even keep track of it. There's so much of it. But yes, the latest report comes by way of Forbes magazine. It's a freelancer based in London. I don't know what the whole story is. I have reached out to him by signal and email to try to talk to him. The story that he has looks like it's based on leaked documents, an FBI arrest warrant affidavit that reveals a complex international terrorism investigation centering on an Iraqi asylum seeker who I'm not sure how he got into the country. It looks like maybe he might have crossed the border.

But even if he didn't cross the border, he was plotting extensively with people that he thought were other jihadists to bring members of a particular kind of organization, ISIS organization, al-Qaida ideology through Mexico and over the southern border to attack and kill former President George W. Bush also here in Texas. That individual, he's an Iraqi. He's not named, and he is not arrested. The charges are not filed yet. So, this is based on an arrest warrant affidavit. I don't know if it has been served, but my guess is that when documents like this are leaked, it's because somebody in law enforcement is pissed off about something having to do with the case.

Department of Justice maybe they didn't follow through, or something else happened. But a really fascinating story in Forbes magazine about jihadists crossing the border and plotting to conduct attacks inside the United States.

Brannon Howse: Well, and remind everybody, America's Covert Border War is hanging on the wall right there over your shoulder. Remind everybody what the subtitle is, please.

Todd Bensman: Right. It's: The Untold Story of the Nation's Battle to Prevent Jihadist Infiltration Over That Southern Border. The book is a revelation of programs and counterterrorism programs that have been put in place since 9/11 to try to get a handle on who is coming across that border, how to stop the jihadists, and what to do with them once we catch them. This looks like it falls flat into the bailiwick of America's Covert Border War. But it looks like there's some kind of a foul-up here, which wouldn't surprise me at all, given the extent to which we have a major border crisis and chaos down there.

Brannon Howse: Here we have a report from yesterday, the 23rd, by Fox News: Border Patrol Released Suspected Terrorist Who Crossed into U.S. Illegally. ICE Took Weeks to Re-arrest Him. Now, this is separate from the George W. Bush threat, correct?

Todd Bensman: That's right. This is yet another case where it looks like there was a foul-up due to the massive mass migration crisis, this huge surge of humanity crossing that southern border. It's broken down all of our systems. It looks like in that case, the Border Patrol just kind of processed everybody through. Nobody checked. Nobody looked hard enough at the data because they were so busy processing families and people into all four corners of the United States. It looks like they passed a jihadist right along with them. Thankfully, they've got him arrested. It looks like they did track him down and correct this situation.

But, you know, listen, when something like that happens, when they let a guy through like that, and there's a period of time between crossing and apprehension. America is vulnerable. You know, somebody like that could realize that their time is short to go do something. Thankfully, this individual did not do anything. But again, this is not the only case of this. There are two other cases of foul-ups involving jihadists crossing the border and getting through and released and free into the United States or in Mexico, too. That's very concerning. These keep happening.

Brannon Howse: Let's go to Here's an article tonight: Thousands of Migrants Tired of Waiting for Title 42 to End Illegally Surge Across Mexican Border into Texas. Comment on this because you know about that, don't you?

Todd Bensman: Well, yeah, of course, they're coming through. They were anticipating that they were going to get to come through. They were massing by the thousands on the Mexican side of town. I've been telling you about this for a while now.

Brannon Howse: Yep.

Todd Bensman: They were crossing even before they lifted Title 42. You don't have to lift Title 42. They're already coming over in such great numbers that there are areas of the border that can't even do Title 42 expulsions. They don't have the manpower. They don't have the vehicles to drive them over there. So, what they're doing is they're just releasing huge numbers of single men and families and unaccompanied minors right into the interior on personal recognizance, meaning it's an honor system. Hey, we are asking you to please check in with ICE at some point. They probably did that with that jihadist who was on the FBI's terrorism watch list that Fox News reported on. Come on in.

Brannon Howse: So right now, a judge has put the lifting of Title 42 on hold. Do you think it eventually will be? I mean, the Biden regime is going to challenge it, are they not?

Todd Bensman: The Biden regime has already challenged it, or they filed an intention to challenge it. So, I wouldn't be surprised if they weren't too aggressive about challenging. You know, you can sort of slow drag this out because I don't think that the administration was ready to take on the 10,000 to 18,000 immigrants a day. They need to still widen the highway by another couple of lanes. The superhighway in it's only going to go one way.

That superhighway greases the road so that they come in faster and easier, and they don't have that system quite up and ready yet. So, I'm thinking that they were secretly, privately breathing a big sigh of relief that they didn't have to postpone it, that they could just point to a judge and say they did it, but eventually, this thing has to go because it's a temporary measure and the replacement for this appears to be a superhighway one way into the country.

Brannon Howse: Now, are you using metaphorical language, or are you talking about a superhighway? You're being metaphorical, right?

Todd Bensman: I'm being a little metaphorical.

Brannon Howse: Okay. I want to make sure because, you know, it wouldn't surprise me if they built an interstate and made it go one way for the illegals. That would not shock me with this administration.

Todd Bensman: Yeah. I mean, you know, what they're doing is they're expanding the facilities that can hold more people at one time. They're bringing the manpower in and the planes and buses and assets that they need to move people off of that riverbank. Their number one goal is that they do not have another Del Rio migrant camp crisis-looking thing down there or five or ten of them because the midterms are coming. The elections are coming, and they don't want to hand free campaign advertisements to the Republican candidates. So, everything is designed to get them off that riverbank so that they're not building up like that and into the country.

Brannon Howse: So, let me ask you this in closing, Todd, how shocked are you that with all these jihadis coming over and being so brazen as they were casing the former president's house, George W. Bush? Casing his house and taking video footage of his house, I read. I mean, so brazen. I mean, have they never heard of Google Earth? I don't know. Maybe that doesn't work. I don't know. I'm not interested in checking. But the reality is, how brazen is it? How long before these people don't get caught and actually, God forbid, actually carry out a terrorist attack?

Todd Bensman: It's very clear from reading the Forbes piece, and you can see they've got some documents in there that are redacted that the central jihadist plotter, the Iraqi who looks like he came in over the border to I can't really tell how he got in, but he's an asylum seeker. He's in the midst of his asylum claim inside the United States, that crucial period. But it's clear that he was well aware that the border was in total chaos and that he was planning to bring operatives to take advantage of that chaos, and it looks like he may have brought at least two in. They paid $50,000 each to cross in through Mexico. They were planning to bring six or seven more operatives in through this chaos through Mexico.

They were going to use visitor visas. The details of how they were going to do that are not clear. Thank God there were FBI sources that got in next to this guy and were able to record what was going on with that. But clearly, they know, and if he knows that the border is in chaos and vulnerable to this kind of infiltration, then lots of other jihadists know it, too. We've had 42, at least, jihadists cross in 2021, in that one year that we know of, and 620,000 got-a-ways, which means immigrants that crossed and got through the cordon and into the country. So, my presumption is that there are plenty of jihadists that got in with that 620,000 as well.

Brannon Howse: Wow. Wow. All right, is where he writes, and I know you're working on your new book but let us know when you're ready to go down to the border, and we can take some live reports from you down there.

Todd Bensman: Well, I'm leaving tomorrow. I'll be down there for a few days. I'll let you know how it's going in the Del Rio sector area.

Brannon Howse: All right. We'll look forward to maybe some reports even yet this week. Be safe and always, thank you. I hope folks will support what he's doing and check out his work at