Title: Dr. Peter McCullough: Disease X is being ‘Cooked Up Right Before WHO Treaty Vote’

About 2 months ago

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Alex Newman

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In this episode of The Sentinel Report, hosted by journalist Alex Newman, Dr. Peter McCullough joins the show to brief listeners on the Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) redaction of warnings regarding ivermectin, the miracle drug that won a Nobel Prize in 2015, as the drug has been proven time and time again to be “safer than Tylenol,” Dr. McCullough revealed.

Additionally, Dr. McCullough, a cardiologist and chief scientific officer for The Wellness Company, warned that disease X is being ramped up in the mainstream media as the World Health Organization (WHO) is set to vote on a new pandemic treaty in May 2024 that would sign away U.S. sovereignty in the event of a public health crisis.

Next up on the show, Audrey Werner, a former sex educator and author of the book “10 Tips On How Not To Talk To Your Kids About Sex,” breaks down the dark history behind sex education and its founders, such as pedophile Alfred Kinsey.

Finally, Alex invites Joanna Leonard on the show to share how to overcome fear and anxiety.

In the news, Governor Ron DeSantis sets his sights on the World Economic Forum, scorching lab-grown meats, CBDCs, mass digitization, and much more. Plus, Speaker Mike Johnson strikes again, passing an un-American censorship bill, disguised as an antisemitism protection plan, that takes a flamethrower to the Constitution.


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