Thousands Of Signed Affidavits From Voters, Hundreds Of Which Are Not Showing As Voting In Each County

about a year ago

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Thousands of Signed Affidavits

Kandiss Taylor, former Georgia governor candidate, joins Mike Lindell to discuss the thousands of signed affidavits from voters and hundreds of them are not showing as voting in each county. Kandiss talks about her election night and how she had over 60,000 volunteers helping her yet only got 51,000 votes.

When she inspected the election in every county in Georgia, all 159, she had exactly 5% of Kent's total in all counties.  Kandiss requested the cast vote records and all voters list and they did get them, but they will not let them talk about them in Georgia. When Kandiss' team compared these none of them matched. In addition, Kandiss had zero votes in Fulton county.

Her next step was to do affidavits. All her volunteers collected affidavits from the voters that voted for her. She has thousands of affidavits including affidavits from Fulton county that state voters voted for Kandiss even though they said she had none. 

Many of the affidavits stated they voted for Kandiss yet they were not on the all-voters list.