Talking Healthy Sh*t with Special Guest, Dr. Sabine Hazan

About 2 years ago

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Tune in to this very interesting episode to hear what microbiome expert, Dr. Hazan has found when studying the ? of covid patients and more!! Dr Sabine Hazan started the research center with Sami Achem at University of Florida 25 years ago and was recognized as a pionneer woman gastroenterologist at University of Florida in Jacksonville. She received multiple awards for her research by the ACP, and Deans research award from University of Florida for her work on Visceral Hyperalgesia. She is a worldwide speaker on the Microbiome and is the Series Editor for Practical Gastroenterology on the Topic. ?Thank you for listening! Please consider subscribing at We are grateful to our generous sponsors: MyPillow Dillon's Restaurants


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