Steve Kirsch: Dont Get the Vax! Early Treatment Saves Lives

About 2 years ago

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Steve Kirsch, current director of the Covid 19 Early Treatment fund is an MIT alumni who has made a career as a tech entrepreneur. He's founded 7 companies, 2 with billion dollar valuations. In the early days of the pandemic, he was at the forefront pushing hard for early treatment. He was encouraged by Dr. Zelenko's successes and later heard about Dr. George Fareed and Dr. Brian Tyson and began promoting their protocol which included the controversial Hydroxychloroquine and a new and up coming repurposed drug called ivermectin. Steve founded Covid 19 Early Treatment Fund, and put in a million dollars himself to fund research and trials. His goal is to find an existing drug or drug combination that, when given early, reduces hospitalization and fatality rates by 75% or more. His foundation has already put forth over 4 million dollars towards researching promising repurposed drugs with more to come, including the very promising Fluvoxamine. Steve calls himself a "medical philanthropist" who says "the most important thing to me is saving lives." In May of 2021 most of the world saw him as and eccentric go getter who just wanted to help people. Then a series of events would turn his world upside down. You see Steve and his family have all been vaccinated but in May of 2021 a series of events opened his eyes and he is now one of the loudest voices warning the world that these jabs simply take more lives then they save, and Steve is all about saving lives. Read More:

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