STEEL TRUTH EXCLUSIVE SHOW: OCT 11, 2021 BLACK & WHITE with Ann Vandersteel & Karen Kennedy

about 2 years ago

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Steel Truth

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The Truth is bold, the truth is strong, the truth will set you free and the Truth is Black & White. If you can’t handle the truth, you better find a bomb shelter because we are going to “Shock and Awe” with moab after moab of truth bombs. Gold Star Mom, Karen Kennedy, aka Denver Night, joins Ann Vandersteel, host of Steel Truth, on the premiere of “Black and White”, a weekly show covering topics the fake news won’t cover or simply just fabricates to fit their narrative. Liberal heads will explode when they see these two women destroy the identity politics narrative while breaking the feminist model. Someone buy Joy Behar and Whoopi Goldberg some tissues, because the lib tears will be flowing! Get ready, shock and awe incoming!