Sound of Freedom! Cory Gray: Stop P*** Or Be Destroyed - God Is Done With It - It Is Adultery

About a year ago

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God gave Cory Gray a POWERFUL message, 40 days to turn and repent! SHARE this video FAR and wide! People need to realize that Sodom was destroyed for the sexual immorality that is now happening in the USA and Canada and other nations. Jerusalem was also destroyed. Jonah was sent to tell a people to repent and they did and that nation was spared. God showed me a frightening future for the USA and Canada (the ones with this p*** problem - Jesus called it Adultery. Jerusalem was called for destruction in the days of Jeremiah BECAUSE OF ADULTERY AND FALSE PROPHETS! 

God gave Michelle the following declaration as a result of Cory's message: 
Stop Porn or Be Destroyed 
The Millstone Declaration From Heaven 

Be it known to all mankind, a decree of judgment has been issued from the very Throne Room of heaven. 

An issue of warning has been sent out to the body of Christ in the United States of America to turn and repent for this sin of pornography and the trade of all things sexual and perverse, including Hollywood films. God has given 40 days to stop p*** or be destroyed in God's judgment. The scent of rot from the putrid wound in God's body is about to be amputated. Turn and be cleansed or be cut off. From the day of the Sound of Freedom, which never calls retreat, God is sifting out the hearts of men before His judgment seat. Be swift oh soul to answer Him, be jubilant your feet, for God is marching on. Forty days to turn and be cleansed, from July 4th-August 13th, clean up your families, clean up your churches, tell your neighbors and Friends - this is the end of the p*** and sex industry. Anyone perpetuating the sin of p***ography by consuming, distributing or ministers not helping their congregation to fight against it are complicit in the direct sex trafficking of children before God Almighty, Yahweh. The angel of death and destruction is being dispatched with an army of angels to carry out God's millstone judgment. Follow Cory:

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