Silent War Ep. 6227: HEII ON EARTH FOOD CRISIS, Google SE* CULT, WHO: WuFlu Confirmed?

about a year ago

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Dustin Nemos

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In this episode of The Silent War: UN Food Chief Says 'He11 On Earth' Looms From Hunger Crisis Triggered By Ukraine War. New Reuters Survey Finds That Trust In Mainstream News Is Rapidly Declining. Life Insurance Payouts Jumped 163% During First Year Of Vaccine Rollout. Google Worker Fired For Blowing The Whistle on ‘Spiritual Organization’ Within Company That’s Been Accused of Se* Trafficking. HUGE: Court Rules for the First Time That an Insured Business Can Seek Damages Over COVID-19 Shutdown Losses. Minnesota Senate Ethics Committee Unanimously Votes to Investigate Democrat on Voter Fraud Allegations. Woman Claims She Received a Vial of Human Blood in Box With Chair She Ordered From Amazon. CONFIRMED: Pfizer’s COVID Vaccine Reduces Sperm Count in Men, Another Adverse Affect Of The Forced Vaccine Tyranny. Uvalde Officials Hire Private Law Firm to Block Release of Shooting Records Including ‘Highly Embarrassing Information.’ After Years of Denials, A Report Indicates that the Head of the WHO Quietly Believes COVID19 Came from Lab in Wuhan, China. Fairfax County, Virginia Schools Now Mandating How Transgender Students Must Be Referred To. Texas Republicans declare Biden ‘not legitimately elected.’ If you wish to support our work by donating - Bitcoin Accepted. FALL ASLEEP FAST - Stay Asleep Longer... Without Negative Side Effects. For breaking news from one of the most over the target and censored names in the world join our 100% Free newsletter at Also follow us at Gab Protect yourself by buying gold; Nemos News is 100% listener funded. Thank you for your support in our mission to Break the Cycle of Fake News. If you value our work please consider supporting us with our vetted patriot sponsors! Shop Patriot & Detox the Deep State with, Home of Sleepy Joe - the world's most powerful all natural sleep formula & The Great Awakening Gourmet Coffee for Patriots. "Our Specialty, is Waking People Up." Other Links - Your Archive of The Hidden History of Mankind, and The Mystery Babylon Religion of The Deep State. Join our Telegram chat: