Sidney Powell on J6 Political Prisoners, The Corrupt FBI, What She is About to Reveal About Dominion and Biden Administration is Obama's Third Term

About 2 years ago

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Brannon Howse: Joe Biden is at it today with an executive order trying to undermine your Second Amendment right while we're being flooded by millions of illegal aliens many of them we know are not here for good intent. Federal trials have proven that some of them are connected back to Hamas, connected back to Iran, Hezbollah and yet he wants you disarmed? Hmm. Who is he working for? Well, I think we know that Hunter Biden's laptop seems to show he's been working for China and Russia.

“Russia collusion,” they said, with Donald Trump, and now we've got reports, for the last what I don't know, it's actually I think, The New York Post put it out in September of 2020 that Hunter was getting some $3 million from some Russian billionaire. Well, wait a minute, that got suppressed during the election cycle by 51 people from the intelligence arena saying it was fake news. It makes me wonder if some of those people who were supposedly retired from the intelligence arena weren't really retired. Maybe they were still working in the intelligence arena. Fifty-one of them said during the election, fake news! Turns out, not so much.

A man in the White House was compromised by China, by Russia. Hmm. Now he wants to disarm you while he's working with our enemies. Is anybody connecting the dots to this color revolution that's taking place at the hands of the intelligence arena? A color revolution. An absolute revolution in America. Now they're going to do what all communist globalist regimes want to do, disarm you. While they bring in people who literally will kill you and are killing Americans. Go look up the number of Americans being killed by illegals. Go look up the federal trials that are showing us that the terrorist cells of Iran are here in America. This is not a conspiracy. By the way, notice so many of the things we talk about that are labeled conspiracy, even the media picks up on it.

Like mosquitoes being released in California with altered DNA. Well, that's conspiracy talk. Well, not so much. Even MSNBC is reporting some of that today. Well, joining me now, however, is Sidney Powell. Sidney, welcome back to the broadcast. Thank you for joining us.

Sidney Powell: Brannon, I'm sorry it's been so long.

Brannon Howse: It has been a while. But you've been super busy. Tell us what you've been up to before I get into my questions because it has been a few months. What's been going on? I know you, you're not sitting around, but what's been going on?

Sidney Powell: Yes. Well, defending the republic. I have been busy on multiple fronts. We're representing a number of January 6th defendants and providing representation for others. We filed another COVID lawsuit on behalf of our military to protect them from having to get the jab. We're putting out COVID information, still. We did a documentary on Couy Griffin, a January 6th defendant, and also one about doctor's orders, explaining how the pharmacies and the medical establishment were trying to shut down and have been trying to shut down the use of readily available drugs that have been safe for decades and are effective in reducing or eliminating COVID.

That includes ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine. People have died because they haven't been given these medications, although doctors have actually ordered them. Now we're helping doctors in Iowa who are being threatened with loss of their medical licenses by the medical licensing boards because they prescribe these readily available pharmaceutical products that have proved safe for decades. It's just appalling. Of course, we're also litigating, defending the suits that Dominion filed against me and defending the republic and that Smartmatic filed against me.

Also, the Coomer lawsuit. It's still pending in Georgia, although we should win on the anti-SLAPP Motion we filed against them because we have a First Amendment right to say the things that I said about Mr. Coomer. We also have, frankly, a First Amendment right to file the election lawsuits that we filed that are now the subject of multiple grievances against me and us.

Sidney Powell: The Texas State Bar has sued me for my law license. The Michigan Bar has just filed grievance proceedings against us for a second time. They rejected it the first time. But there's this group called the 65 Project that is extremely well funded to the tune of millions of dollars. Their avowed purpose is to shame, destroy and ruin the livelihood and life of any Trump supporter who dared challenge the election for fraud. There are 111 people, I think, on their hit list. Of course, as you might imagine, I am rather high up on it. They have filed a grievance against me in Michigan that I've just had to send that answer in today.

But Michigan doesn't even have jurisdiction over my law license. These things are purely for harassment to take my time, my energy, and my resources. It's absolutely outrageous. The Texas Bar has filed suit against me in Texas state court to take my law license and we're in the process of answering that. I think we're going to have some information that may lead the Texas bar to realize they should never have filed suit against me. It's lawfare at its worst. It is an abuse of process by the 65 Project, by these bar associations and if nothing else, it shows they've turned from encouraging the rule of law and the decent practice of law to being purely political arms of the left.

Brannon Howse: What is going on in Texas, Sidney? I know the bar associations are always liberal, but what is going on in Texas that that's being allowed to take place?

Sidney Powell: It's really shocking. Brannon, they filed a four-page complaint to try to take my law license, claiming that I had no reasonable basis for the almost 1,000 page 200 and something paragraph complaint that I filed with, I think 970 pages of affidavits attached to it in the Michigan case.

Brannon Howse: Okay. Wait a minute. Why is Texas trying to take away your law license for what you did in Michigan?

Sidney Powell: Oh, because the Governor of Michigan, Ms. Whitmer, the Secretary of State of Michigan, Ms. Benson, and the delightful Attorney General of Michigan, Dana Nessel, who was so drunk at a recent football game, she passed out in the stands.

Brannon Howse: That's on video. Isn’t that on video?

Sidney Powell: Oh, yeah, that's on video. Yes. They all came to Texas and filed grievances against me. Ms. Nessel testified against me and the State Bar is acting on those grievances and trying to take my license.

Brannon Howse: So you haven't even had your chance to make your case yet, though, is that right?

Sidney Powell: No, I really haven't. No.

Brannon Howse: Something is afoot in Texas in one regard. We know that the criminal court there, they have a, I guess, two systems there with their Supreme Court and then the criminal court. The criminal court, as you know, I think they've just got eight members or something like that. They voted or maybe it's nine members and they voted 8 to 1, I think it was. To take away the power of Attorney General Ken Paxton's ability to investigate voter fraud. I mean, what is going on in Texas?

Sidney Powell: I did not even realize that.

Brannon Howse: Oh, really?

Sidney Powell: Yes, I had missed that.

Brannon Howse: Yes.

Sidney Powell: With everything else we're dealing with.

Brannon Howse: Yes, and we've interviewed the governor I excuse me, the attorney general about that. Yeah. The criminal appeals court there in Texas, look it up for me really quick, guys, in the control room. The criminal appeals court, see if it's nine members. I think they voted 8 to 1 to take away the power of Attorney General, Ken Paxton, to investigate voter fraud. I think that was the final vote. Yeah, we've been covering that for quite some time and I've interviewed him four times now. I think twice in person. We've gotten into it talking about it. I mean, what on earth in Texas of all places, and these are Republicans that sit on this thing. It is nine, it was 8 to 1. So my memory served me right.

Sidney Powell: Yeah.

Brannon Howse: So, I mean, you're right. That's shocking. I don't know if you know this, you might want to use this, by the way, in your case. Did you know that I interviewed State Senator Paul Bettencourt? State Senator Paul Bettencourt, I interviewed him and he said he was the one that contacted Ken Paxton when they found out about 2 million ballots were printed and sitting on the dock of a post office ready to go in the mail.

Well, then I interviewed Ken Paxton and asked him about it and he said yes and he stopped those from getting in the mail stream; 2 million ballots, I guess they were fake ballots or whatever. They weren't supposed to be going out. He stopped them. Now maybe we know why they don't want that so that all the Soros appointed, or I should say Soros funded district attorneys in San Antonio and parts of Houston well they're not going to investigate voter fraud, right? If the attorney general can't do it and they won't do it, bye-bye, Texas.

Sidney Powell: Exactly. Exactly. Of course, Soros is pumping millions, tens of millions of dollars into Texas right now, funding Beto O'Rourke. I call him fake-o Beto and trying to defeat Governor Abbott, which would be just devastating to the state of Texas. We would essentially be Texas no more if that were to be allowed to happen. You're right, sources funded DAs in all the major cities in Texas that have refused to enforce laws that keep people safe even. It's appalling. It's horrific.

Brannon Howse: Yeah. Tell me, on January 6th, I suppose you saw the federal judge that ruled that one defendant is not guilty. He made the case, which I can't figure out, why more of them aren't making the case. He made the case of trespassing. The doors were open. The barricades were pulled back by the police on video. The doors were open. I think those are magnetic doors. Someone had to throw the switch to open them up. The police are on video. Come on in. Don't tear anything up. Come on in. Posing for selfies with people. And he's like, how is this trespassing? Judges like, yep, threw the case out. What are your comments?

Sidney Powell: I am so glad we have at least one judge who is looking at the facts and the law and exercising some measure of reason and common sense. You're right, many of those protesters were invited into the building. We know the entire debacle was a setup. I don't think we know the full extent of that yet by any means. But certainly, the crowd was full of infiltrators from the FBI and probably leftist organizations as well, trying to cause a problem so that the liberals in Congress, the left, Nancy Pelosi, and her cohorts could then claim there was an "insurrection", when there was a peaceful protest, by and large, far more than what they called peaceful protests all last year, the year before last, during the Trump administration.

Yes, that defense should be raised in every case. I still don't understand how anybody was allowed to even close the Capital of the United States of America. It is, after all, the People's House, and people should have been allowed to observe the conduct of business there. They certainly didn't do that to all the pink hat protesters who completely disrupted the confirmation hearings of Justice Brett Kavanaugh. I've never seen such behavior allowed in a federal building as was allowed there and every one of them should have been prosecuted. But did that happen? No. The double standard here is so insulting to the American people.

The left thinks the American people are stupid and we are not. We are onto them in a big way and we're going to stay on to them. needs your help to continue our work. We're asking people to sign up to make monthly contributions of whatever amount they can make. We're getting ready to launch a new website that will make it easier for you to interact with us. I am working, I hope to get the documents we're producing to Dominion this week, uploaded to my website so people can see the tens of thousands of pages of evidence that we have.

Brannon Howse: Oh, wow.

Sidney Powell: And that's just the first production.

Brannon Howse: Oh, wow. I'd love to see that. Let me take you to the daily aggregated news site I run among several.  But you'll find this interesting if you haven't already seen it. So there's the article we'll click on. It brings you to my friend Patty McMurray's website, 100% Fed Up and she's reporting True the Votes Catherine Engelbrecht and Greg Phillips Claim U.S. Intelligence Began Tracking Americans After The 2020 election.

A Geo Tracking Fence Was Set Up Around the Capital Before Jan 6th to Catch People Likely to Attend Trump Rally. This is very interesting because why were they not doing this in the cities that they knew were burning during the riots of 2020? Why were they not doing this to catch the Communists, the Antifa, the Black Lives Matter thugs, and the Black Panther people? Why was the intel community not doing this but they want to set up a geo-fence, a tracking fence around the Capitol to figure out who was there, Sydney?

Sidney Powell: Yes, once again, the evidence of the double standard that the American people are, you are right, are 100% fed up with. True the Vote has done a lot of other good work too. In fact, amazing work that we will see the fruits of as soon as Dinesh D'Souza finishes the documentary he's been working with them on called 2,000 Mules. That is all evidence of criminal conduct that the FBI and the DOJ should have already been prosecuting. Instead, they have sat on their thumbs and let all this fraud go unpunished, refused to investigate it, which makes them, as far as I'm concerned, complicit in it's happening in the first place.

Brannon Howse: Well, speaking of the FBI, we go back to Here we go. This brings us to the Gateway Pundit. Huge Blow to Fake News and FBI: Zero Guilty Verdicts In Case Of Alleged Plot To Kidnap Leftist Governor Whitmer - Not Guilty Verdict for 2, Hung Jury on 2, Including Ringleader! Of course, we know, according to numerous reports, that this was actually something run by the FBI. It seems as though that's exactly what was going on also at the Capitol on January 6th, that was really something by the FBI and their people. Again, this is further good news.

The American people, I think, Sidney, the takeaway from this to me is that the American people, many of them no longer trust the FBI. That if the FBI says it, that it's probably not true. That's sad because as I've said many times, you know, my family moved to the Washington, D.C. area when I was four years old. I started being taken to the monuments and the Capitol and sitting in the gallery and going on the FBI public tour when I was four years old and did that until about the time I was 13, 12, or 13 when we then moved out of the D.C. area. But family and friends coming to the D.C. area were always wanting to, “Hey, take us sightseeing.”

So, I was taken to those, dragged literally as a kid. I've told this to some of my retired FBI buddies like Terry Turchie, former assistant deputy director of the counterterrorism division of the FBI. I said, “You know if the FBI is so worried about what some of us think, maybe they should look at their own agency and blame their own agency for our values and our worldview because I started learning at four years of age, being taken through the public tour of the FBI, because they were telling me communism was bad.” They were telling me as a four-year-old, then a five-year-old, an eight-year-old, a ten-year-old, and a twelve-year-old going through those public tours, that communism is bad.

Stand up to communism! But now, instead of trusting the FBI, I think this jury trial is showing us if the FBI said it, a lot of Americans are probably saying, well, then it's probably not true. What a sad state of affairs when the Marxists have taken over the DOJ. The DOJ takes over the FBI and they're accomplishing what Cleon Skousen in his book, The Naked Communists, said so many years ago. We want to destroy the FBI. I think the progressives have done that. What say you?

Sidney Powell: Yes, I think they have done that. It's absolutely heartbreaking. I, like you, used to admire the FBI. I worked with countless good agents 40 years ago when I was an assistant United States Attorney in the western district of Texas and then in the northern district and then in the eastern district of Virginia. There were lots of good agents then. I know they are absolutely mortified by what they're seeing now, and the good agents in the bureau really need to speak up.

I started encouraging them to do that during the Flynn case. I watched them roll over the Merrill Lynch defendants in the Enron case that I wrote about in my book, Licensed to Lie, Exposing Corruption in the Department of Justice. They did the same misconduct in the Ted Stevens case. The last 20 years is a sordid story of, frankly, what ought to be criminal conduct by the FBI against countless Americans. The way they're treating the January 6th prisoners now is the worst I have ever seen.

Brannon Howse: Are you saying the FBI was involved in lying, concealing information, pushing what they knew as false information to prosecute and ruin the lives of Americans?

Sidney Powell: Yes, and they've been doing it increasingly worse for 20 years. Please remember that Andrew Weissman, who wound up on the Mueller task force, was general counsel, deputy director of the FBI. It's been bad since the year 2000, as best I can tell to a large degree.

Brannon Howse: Do any of these people lose their licenses? I'm assuming some of these people are attorneys. So, do any of them lose their law license? Do any of them get prosecuted, fined, or any damages?

Sidney Powell: There was one slap on the wrist for Kevin Kline Smith, the FBI agent who abjectly falsified a document in support of an illegal FISA application on Carter Page. I think he got a suspended sentence of a few months, so I don't think he served any time in jail. I'd have to look back at the records to make sure about that but I'm pretty sure he just got a fine and probation or something.

Brannon Howse: Well, you probably saw where the former FBI agent got a slap on the wrist for the information he put out related to the governor of Missouri, who they chased out of office. Now, I think he's running for U.S. Senate in Missouri, but that got that FBI agent about two weeks ago, got a slap on the wrist as well for what he did.

Sidney Powell: Look at Andrew McCabe, who was found to have committed perjury by the inspector general and was never prosecuted. Again, the double standard. The left, the woke, the Communists, the CCP people that are either being blackmailed, extorted, or are afraid for their lives. They can get by with anything. Black Lives Matter, Antifa all of the left can get by with virtually anything. But let an American Patriot go try to protest at the Capitol and simply be on the grounds or even holding a prayer, as Couy Griffin did and they're going to be prosecuted. It's outrageous.

Brannon Howse: You mentioned Eric Coomer, for the audience who maybe doesn't know who is he?

Sidney Powell: He was the Vice President of Dominion Voting Systems who had the horrible hate Trump, F-Trump all the vile language and horrible statements on his Facebook page while he was Head of Security for Dominion and essentially working on election night. We're not sure where yet because we haven't been able to depose him on the facts. He was also arrested recently in Colorado it turns out. It was before a hearing that we had for drunk driving and he can be seen in that video lying to the police multiple times about his situation. He drove a car into the front of a building with glass windows in broad daylight.

Brannon Howse: So, you mentioned him and I don't know if you know this, but last week when Mike was in Colorado for a rally at the Capitol there in Denver, he got served, and apparently, he's now being sued by Mr. Coomer. Did you know this?

Sidney Powell: I did hear that, yes. Mr. Coomer claims apparently to be indigent, but he is having no trouble funding massive litigation against multiple people who have voiced the truth with evidence of his comments and his conduct. He owned the patents. He holds the patents for Dominion that allowed adjudication of votes and also had the ability to put a vast number of votes in an adjudication file and then essentially adjudicate them all at once. That's the only way, I think 94% of the votes in one of the counties in Georgia went into adjudication on election night. Anything more than 1% ought to be illegal. I mean, that should invalidate the election in Georgia right there. Just the fact that that high percentage of votes went into adjudication, which means, somebody else other than the voter decided how those votes came out.

Brannon Howse: So, Mike announced tonight on his show that I co-host with him from 6 to 7 central, he read the complaint, that he read the lawsuit. He announced tonight on the air that one reason, I guess the reason, he's being sued is because he has allowed a gentleman by the name of Joe Altman to be on Frank Speech with his podcast. Well, there are lots of people on Frank Speech with podcasts, but apparently, I guess that makes Mike worthy and Frank Speech worthy of being sued. Whatever happened to freedom of speech and the ability to say, if somebody's got a podcast, we'll carry your podcast. Is that where we are now in America if you happen to carry the wrong person's podcast, you're going to get sued?

Sidney Powell: Well, the view of the left is that free speech only applies as long as it's speech they agree with. Their view is also that your right to file a lawsuit only exists under the First Amendment right to petition clause if it agrees with their view of the facts. There's no such thing as free speech on the left. It's their way or nothing. They are working every day to eliminate our right to free speech. That's what the 65 Project is all about. That's why they are coming after 111 people, including me, for having filed the lawsuits or saying what we said. They want to eliminate the right to free speech and they want to make it absolutely miserable for anyone who dares to stand up to them. It's horrible that any court or any bar association would allow that conduct to continue.

Brannon Howse: We've obviously got a problem with some of our Republican legislators. We've got Brian Kemp, Governor of Georgia, his lieutenant governor, Duncan, closing down the legislature the other day 60 seconds from a vote that would have passed overwhelmingly by the House and the Senate, backed by the Speaker of the House, backed by the Senate pro tem, which would have allowed for them to be able to maintain images and get to these images to audit the vote so they could see if there's fraud. I'm sure you've heard this, and 60 seconds more they could have gotten that thing passed and done.

Apparently, the phone rings the lieutenant governor at the desk there picks it up and the Governor shuts it down. This is what voter GA and our friend Garland Favorito put out and we've been covering this. Apparently, some of these Republicans count on winning by fraud, too. I mean, that's the only thing I can assume. I'm just guessing because why would you not want a system, Sidney, that would allow you to go back and audit to see if there's fraud?

Why would you want to stop that when it passes The House and Senate, overwhelmingly backed by the Speaker of the House, backed by the President pro tem unless you're counting on fraud and you don't want to have the paper trail or the ability to see it? And these are Republicans so I'm starting to wonder, are we losing the country because of the Rhino Republicans? Are we losing the country because of the judiciary? I know the founders were very concerned about a runaway judiciary, and I can't figure out why these judges, left and right, aren't just throwing these cases out, saying, no, no, no, no, no. Yet it seems like the loggerhead for us in this country is the judiciary and sadly, many of the Republicans.

Sidney Powell: The name of the party doesn't matter anymore. It really doesn't. We only have one political party, and for the last 20 years at least, the machines were brought in by whatever company they're used by, we're brought in to help facilitate fraudulent elections. We have testimony to that precise effect that we will be producing to Dominion. If you go and look at an affidavit attached to our filings on the website at in all four cases we filed, there is an affidavit that is redacted some to that effect. But you can read the actual allegations of it by a man who was an eyewitness to the origination of the process that has morphed into what we have today.

That's how the process originated and Republicans and Democrats have used it. That is exactly why it is so difficult to clean this up. If you go back to the election in 2000, for example, I read a report that there were I think it was 16,000 votes caught in a "glitch in South Florida." That was the same year that the hanging chad problem happened. There's a documentary by the Sequoia Whistleblowers on that hanging chad issue. Bad paper was deliberately sent to certain places to facilitate that problem and the goal of all that was to usher in the computer system to be used more widely. But the computer system was what caused the glitch in that one county that virtually went unnoticed or unheard of after the hanging chad issue developed.

Sidney Powell: There was a big issue about Ohio, the election in Ohio, I think it was 2004. There's a lot of testimony about that. Check our Rumble Channel at for the video of Clint Curtis, who testifies that in I think it was 2004, he was asked to write an algorithm to change the votes for a Bush in South Florida. That testimony was given to a committee of Congress that included Jerry Nadler and Maxine Waters. Yet nothing happened about it. Then it was in 2000, gosh, I can't remember exactly right now, 2014 or 16 that the Obama Department of Justice under Eric Holder divested and made Sequoia, I think it was, a split off from one of the other companies that it was part o,f and essentially, they gave it to Dominion voting systems.

Since that divestiture, Dominion has been more successful in many ways than the other voting companies. They have planned this. They have worked on this. Whoever they are, includes George Soros and the left and without a doubt many other people because it's a widespread conspiracy and they came up with the idea of the backup, the mail-in ballots to cover the fraud that they knew they'd have to engage in to take the election from Trump.

Brannon Howse: I noticed that 51 guys who had been in the intelligence arena signed a letter. back in 2020, I believe it was, that the whole Hunter Biden laptop thing was a bunch of conspiracy theories. Now we know that the New York Times has had to come out and admit that Hunter Biden's laptop is real. We also have a report I linked to over at Worldview Report today, today about Hunter Biden's $3.5 Million wire transfer from Russian Billionaires, the Senate Report.

Again, that brings you to an article from back in September of 2020. So again, The New York Post is reporting that. Then the New York Times has now had to come out, admit it, finally here in 2022. But you had the cover given by 51 former intelligence people signing this letter. I'm having to again go back to what I keep asking you from interview to interview. A common theme keeps coming up. I ask you, and other guests is I keep getting the feeling that really this was a color revolution by the intelligence arena, that the whole thing is largely been manufactured by the intelligence arena.

Sidney Powell: I don't think there's any way our intelligence community, as they like to call themselves, didn't have a heavy hand in all of this because I also found that they own or the military-funded the patents to create a real-time ability to monitor an election, to inject false voters into the voter database, which happened all over the country in 2020, and also to create an algorithm to predetermine the outcome of an election by weighting certain votes and down weighting other votes. The patents are on our website at and I've discussed that on some of our Rumble Channel videos and they're also posted at Yes, there's a real problem with our intelligence community and anybody who thinks they have a right to take the vote away from the people of the United States of America.

Brannon Howse: In conclusion, I hope people will visit; Do you care to comment as to your thoughts about who's really running this government? Joe Biden just has one problem after another when he's out in front, out in public. It's sad actually to watch that situation unfold. But, you know, I saw President Obama return to the White House and speak the other day. Everybody at the end of the speech went running toward him, ignoring President Biden. He seemed completely lost. It seemed to me that it looks a lot like President Obama actually is the president. I

wonder how much you think he's involved in really running this administration versus Joe Biden. And what do you think is being set up to happen to Joe Biden now that the liberal media now seems to be turning on him, validating the Hunter Biden problem, and again, the evidence seems to show that Biden has been taking money from his son for maybe 30 years, according to one report I read. So, what do you think the left is setting up here? Kamala Harris as president? She's very unpopular. I mean, what do you think is being set up here?

Sidney Powell: Well, I've called it the O'Biden regime for a long time. I mean, Mr. Obama himself said that his ideal would be to be behind the scenes, whispering in the ear of the figurehead who was installed as president. So that's not unexpected. He even referred to Mr. Biden as Mr. Vice President when he visited the White House recently.

Brannon Howse: Yes.

Sidney Powell: So, I don't think there's much doubt, if any, that Obama is the one calling the shots behind the scenes. That would be his absolute dream come true. And the indications of what we're seeing and the policies that are being made would reinforce that possibility. So, yeah, him and George Soros and Valerie Jarrett and anybody else that is part of the Obama cabal.

Brannon Howse: And this is the first president and I don't know how many decades and decades and decades to not leave Washington once they left the White House. Right?

Sidney Powell: Right. Not to mention having two T1 lines or whatever they're called, routed into the basement of his operations center in his Kalorama mansion.

Brannon Howse: That's a lot of data flowing.

Sidney Powell: Yeah.

Brannon Howse: All right. So, you got your books, your t-shirts, they can support you there. Find out a lot of the data I hope people will do that. Will you come back as soon as you have more news to report? We love to go through any of the information or data dump you're going to do on your Dominion case. Will you let us know and let us cover some of that?

Sidney Powell: Yes, whatever I can produce there will be at, which is my personal website because it's me that's doing most of the production there. Also, you can sign up for newsletters at both places. I would encourage everyone to do that. They're free and then send them to all your friends. It's the best way we know of to get the truth out other than watching

Brannon Howse: Well, thank you so much, and let us know what happens in Texas with the bar there in Texas, will you?

Sidney Powell: Yes, I will. Thank you so much.

Brannon Howse: Thank you, Sidney, as always. Appreciate it. Sidney Powell checking in. I do hope you'll visit her website as well; and or dot com. Thank you, Sidney.