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Alex Newman: Welcome everybody to another episode of The Sentinel Report. Great to be with you. Sorry, we're a little bit behind. Those technical difficulties are what happens when you do a live show. We do have some very, very special guests for you today. Some friends of mine have produced, I think, one of the most important films of the decade. You are going to get a kick out of this. We're going to cut our news segment short today just because we lost a few minutes of our time. I do want to remind you that this show is brought to you by My Pillow. Go to and use that promo code, Newman. Get yourself some great stuff, pillows, towels, blankets, dog beds, moccasins, and all kinds of great stuff. Up to 66% off when you use that promo code, Newman. Also, go to Get yourself some long-term storable food that's If you go there now, you get $150 off on a three-month supply of breakfast, lunch, dinners, drinks, and snackssome great stuff to make sure that if and when the grocery store shelves go bare. You are not going to be left scrambling or begging FEMA to take you to a happy, fun camp where they might have food.

Alex Newman: So, go to Prepare With Sentinel, you see it on your screen right there, Prepare With Sentinel, and get some of this stuff. If you got four people in your family, get four of them, and you save 150 bucks on every order of three-month supplies. If you get it through, PrepareWithSentinel. Quick news, guys, some really, really great news. The tyrants have lost the mask mandate battle, at least for now. The CDC overstepped its authority and did not properly justify its mandate that you put a diaper on your face. So, travelers are no longer obligated to wear those horrific things. The TSA and the CDC confirmed that they would no longer be enforcing face diaper mandates. All the major airline carriers immediately said it would be optional. The judge in the case, Judge Katherine Kimball Mosley of Florida, ruled that because our system does not permit agencies to act unlawfully, even in pursuit of desirable ends, the court declared it unlawful and vacated the mandate. I want to show you a video of people celebrating on the airplane as this happened. Check it out.

Video Clip: On April 18th, the Biden administration announced that the Transportation Security Administration would no longer enforce the federal mandate requiring masks in all US airports and onboard aircraft. (People clapping and cheering)

Alex Newman: All right, folks and that scene were repeated all over the country. Praise God. You know that the tyrants will be back, but it's good to have a brief reprieve. I personally have done everything possible to avoid flying just because I'm not willing to do that. So, great news on the murder of children in front. We'll talk a little bit more about that with our guests today. Republican Governor Stitt of Oklahoma signed a bill last week that protects the unborn from virtually all abortions. The only exception is to save the life of the mother. So, Oklahoma joins Alabama as a state that has officially criminalized murdering unborn babies. Lawmakers in Kentucky also overrode the veto of their radical far-left governor, who almost certainly got in using vote fraud. That's Andy Beshear, he tried to veto a measure protecting unborn babies. And Kentucky is now an abortion-free state. Reuters said that it makes Kentucky the first US state without legal abortion access since 1973. Supreme Court case Roe vs. Wade. Good news all around on that front, folks. The Washington compost - I mean, sorry - The Washington Post. Oh, my God. It's like these people don't know the word irony. They ran this absolutely ridiculous op-ed from one of their contributors, Ellen K Powell. I don't know who she is, but she is obviously a totalitarian. And she said we need regulation to prevent rich people from controlling our channels of communication. I would guess whatever editor decided to run that is going to be fired immediately. Because what they didn't tell you is that the Washington compost is literally owned by one of the wealthiest human beings, if you'll call him that, on planet Earth. That would, of course, be Jeff Bezos, the totalitarian who owns Amazon and runs Amazon. Terrible, terrible individual.

Alex Newman: The Government Accountability Office has given us a clear picture of how much US military equipment you paid for so the Taliban could have it. According to their estimates, the Taliban now has one of the most significant air forces in the world, 208 planes and choppers, 60 transport and cargo planes, 20 light attack planes, and 18 intelligence and surveillance planes. Hey, pay more taxes so that more enemies can have lots and lots of powerful weapons. That same administration that was so competent in Afghanistan is now announcing a redoubling of global efforts to end the acute phase of COVID. The Biden administration will be co-hosting the second COVID summit. They said in the announcement that together, we could mitigate the impact of COVID 19 and protect those at the highest risk with vaccinations. It's like, really, really? We all know now that you're still getting COVID if you got the vaccine. In fact, the British data, as we reported here recently, shows that you're three times more likely to end up in the hospital, three times more likely to die, and three times more likely to get COVID if you took the injections. So, somebody is not being honest here. We're going to save the rest of our news for tomorrow, folks, just because we're running so short on time, and I want to make sure we get plenty of time with our incredible guests, Mark and Amber, of Fearless Features. So, we're going to go to break, folks. But when we get back, you're going to hear from some incredible guests on the newest documentary that they just created. If we have time, we'll even talk about the previous one, which, yes, has to do with abortion. So, stay tuned.

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Alex Newman: Welcome back, everybody, to the Sentinel Report. I'm your host, Alex Newman. Now, folks, we've talked about this before, but inflation is out of control. What's going on with the money supply is absolutely unbelievable. The war on cash is accelerating. They are looting you right now, and they're calling it inflation. And they're also doing everything they can to get rid of cash so that you no longer have privacy. You no longer have any way to protect yourself from the out-of-control establishment trying to loot you and loot our country. I want you to call our friends at Suisse America. That phone number is 877-422-5051. If you're hoping to get some insight into these questions, if you're interested in trying to protect some of your wealth, some of your savings, you can get bullion, and you can get numismatic coins for added privacy. I want you to call our friends at Suisse America. They have partnered with us to help our viewers try to protect their savings. If you call them now, you get an absolutely free report about the war on your cash. That number, again, is 877-422-5051. All right, folks, I want to go to our guests, incredible people. I've actually had them here at my home. They flew in to fill me for a documentary. I'll tell you, folks, the documentary is amazing. Their names are Mark and Amber Archer. They are the ones behind Fearless Features. You can find them at It's actually a Christ-centered filmmaking ministry, and they make movies and have a podcast.

Alex Newman: Their goal is to spread biblical perspective into our society, into our culture, educate, motivate and inspire Americans. They have done a phenomenal job with that. Their documentary earlier on was called Inwood Drive. I've seen it. I can't recommend it highly enough. It's about a mass murderer named George Klopfer, and they actually got some interviews with him, so maybe we'll have time to talk about that. But I really brought him on today to talk about the mind polluters. It is an incredible documentary about the sexualization and the social-emotional learning taking place in government indoctrination centers masquerading as schools. Mark and Amber, thank you so much for joining me today. I want to start by asking you guys. It's great to see you. It's an honor to have you here. I want to start by asking you guys, all across the country, we've got Republican states that are reining in, or at least they say they're reining in the sexualization. Here in Florida, we just passed a new law. They're calling it the Don't Say Gay bill that apparently is going to ban the sexualization, transgender, and homosexual indoctrination of kids ages nine and under; Virginia's doing similar things. A lot of states are moving on this. But what do you guys say? I mean, first of all, why is it controversial that we shouldn't be teaching kindergarten children about homosexuality and transgenderism? And second of all, do you think this makes public schools safe places for children now?


Amber Archer: I'll let you take that one.

Mike Archer: Well, as a guy named Alex Newman once put it, I love your illustration. When we interviewed you for the main polluters, you likened it to letting your children stay inside a burning building, and no, there's nothing safe about the public education system at all. The most amazing thing about what we learned, even from people like you and researching the mind polluters, is how incredibly pervasive this is and how long it's been around. Now I think one of the silver linings, if you will, coming out of all the lockdowns is that parents got very awake to what was going on. I'm not talking about woke. I'm talking about awake, very awake to what's going on with their children and what they're being taught. It is horrific.

Alex Newman: It really is, and we're now seeing this incredible surge in homeschooling. The AP just reported in the last few days. It looks like that surge is here to stay. Let's talk about the movie. It's called The Mind Polluters. It's amazing. Before we get into the details of the movie, you guys released this a few months ago, and everywhere I turn, I hear rave reviews. You had a huge screening down in Texas. What kind of reception are you getting? What's the status of the movie? I know people can stream it live now. Right? So, what's going on with the film? What kind of impact does it have, and how can the folks watch it?

Amber Archer: Yeah. Alex, It's really exciting. I mean, because everything that has been done has been word of mouth. We spent everything we had just to get the film done and watch the Lord's work. I mean, the places that it's been. Just last week, it was in Texas State Capitol showing. You know, it was exciting for us because Christ is proclaimed, you do such a great job of sharing the gospel with people, and that Christ is the only way. It's just really neat to see. Pastors all over, we're so encouraged because there are churches and pastors who are saying, whoa, we never. I think that call to action for pastors. You put it so bluntly in the film. It says, well, you haven't done your job as a pastor and told the parents about what the schools are teaching your children. I think it's such a great motivator for people. They're really examining themselves and saying, hey, wait a minute, I have a responsibility in this, so it's been incredible to watch. I mean, it's all over. We can't even keep up with it. It's all over, but people can stream it. It's only on Vimeo right now because we got banned on Amazon.

Alex Newman: Surprise.

Amber Archer: Surprise, right.

Mike Archer: Tell them what they told us.

Amber Archer: So, we submitted it as we did, and we are driving. The drive is on Amazon, the movie about abortionists. They came back and said, sorry, offensive content. Yeah, we know.

Alex Newman: It's okay to teach children in public school, but oh no, you can't, you can't have adults watching that. That's offensive.

Mike Archer: And all of the books referenced in the film, you can buy those books on Amazon, but you cannot have a film that puts it all together for parents to understand. That's offensive.

Alex Newman: You can pick it up in a school library. You can go down to your kindergarten library, and you'll find some of these books that, frankly, I agree with Amazon. They are mind-numbingly offensive. I mean, it's just filth at the highest order, yet it's okay to read it to your children. And we've seen this in school board meetings. You know, parents sit there and read the books that are being read to their children in school, and they say, oh, you can't say those things, and you are in a room full of adults. What's going on? I want to ask about one of the superstars in your film. I was so pleased to see him speaking out. Ken Ham is one of the leading creationists on planet Earth, and he sounds the alarm really clearly in the film. So, first of all, how did you guys get him? And second of all, what is his overall message in terms of what's going on in the school system?

Amber Archer: Well, it was really interesting because I had been reading several of his books during our research phase. He had one, Already Gone. It was about the exodus of kids from the church. Then I read...

Mike Archer: Will They stand?

Amber Archer: Yeah. Will They Stand, and after I got done reading it. It was so interesting. We were coming to the tail end of the interviews. But I went, and I told Mark, I said, I think we should reach out to Ken and see if he's available. Just reading his books, I was so intrigued, like yours. I read your book before we interviewed you, just to understand. And we were so prayerful about who we brought into the film and who was going to have a voice in this. We needed several different angles, and we just knew that we needed that sort of a big pastoral perspective for people to really understand the gravity that the church has to get involved. His message overall was would God call the Israelites to send their kids to the Philistines to be trained? No.

Mike Archer: Of course not.

Amber Archer: So, just to encourage parents to take a look at the education their children are receiving.

Alex Newman: Absolutely.

Amber Archer: And pull our kids out.

Alex Newman: Yeah. Amen. I couldn't agree more. You know, I've sounded the alarm about this for so long. We're down to about four or 5 minutes. Roger Stones got a new show, folks, that's going to be airing right here on Frank Speech. So, after this show, don't turn off your TV. Stay tuned. It's the inaugural episode for Roger Stone, a longtime adviser to Donald Trump. Ronald Reagan all the way back to Richard Nixon. I mean, the guy's been doing his thing for decades. So, you want to stay tuned right here. But one of the things I want to ask you, and you touched on this a moment ago, is what should the church be doing? Because we've been conditioned now on the separation of church and state. You don't want to cross that barrier. Do pastors have a role here? You know, speak to pastors for a moment and to congregations out there. What should the church be doing as it relates to this sexualization, this indoctrination with highly inappropriate anti-biblical programming in the public schools?

Mike Archer: Well, when we were researching this, the thing that I kept asking over and over again is where are the men? In this battlespace, its mostly women, and there were very few men that we could find. You were one of them. Craig Sawyer was another one. Ken Ham and I think the conclusion we came to at the end when you watch the film was reiterated over and over again. It's time for the men to stand up as a man who spent a lot of his early twenties through early thirties being compromised. I was really running from the Lord myself and being compromised with things like pornography and everything that goes along with that. So, I understand that mindset. What I see is that the men in the church, including the pastors, don't want to talk about this because it's their secret sin. They're compromised, so it needs to start with the men. The reason that the women are doing most of this work is that the men have walked away and said, I don't know anything about this, they'll handle it. Well, that's unacceptable. The Lord has called the men to be leaders and to be the warriors in this. If we're not willing as men to stand up and fight for the children, fight for those who can't fight for themselves, then we've already lost.

Alex Newman: Amen. Fathers out there, I'm talking to you. Who's going to protect your daughter from these creeps, from these groomers, from these people that want to teach her that she should be fornicating and who knows what else? If it's not you, right? If it's not you, who's going to do it? You're going to let your wife do that. Come on. Dads got to step up to the plate here. Mark, and Amber, in the last couple of minutes that we have left, if a pastor wanted to show this in their church, is that possible? If it is, please encourage them to do so. But how can we, the people watching, first of all, watch this film? Give us the website and the step-by-step instructions for how to do it. Then after they've watched it and they realized, oh, my, everybody needs to see this, my whole church needs to see this. Where do you go from there to keep the ball rolling?

Amber Archer: Yeah, if you visit, that will take you directly to the film's website. From there, you can access the film that's on Video. That's the easiest way to get to it. Once you watch it and you want your pastor to watch it. I mean, we are happy to help facilitate that because we have had a lot of people reach out, and we're like, absolutely. You know, we're not charging licensing fees for people to bring these to their churches. There are no ticket sales. The only thing we ask is that there be a freewill offering taken at the end of every screening to help support our filmmaking ministry. We don't want money to be a barrier to anybody to see the film, especially in these public screenings, because it is the local communities who are going to rise up and make all the difference. Frankly, the church and the Christians have the answer. So, we have to get together and really be out there together making a difference.

Alex Newman: Absolutely. So, Also Folks, I mentioned it, but we ran out of time. You got to go check out Inwood Drive too. As they said, it's on Amazon. It's so huge. Amber, and Mark, thank you guys so much for joining us. Appreciate it. God bless you, and we'll get you back soon.

Amber Archer: Thanks, Alex.

Mike Archer: Thanks, Alex.

Alex Newman: Absolutely. All right, folks. We're just about out of time like I told you. Roger Stone is going to be up next with his inaugural episode right here on Frank Speech. So, don't go anywhere. Stay tuned. Go check out the Mind Polluters. Check out our sponsors. Get to That's my personal page. We'll be back tomorrow, God willing, with much more. And we're live every weekday here from 4:30 to 5. Thanks again for tuning in. I'm Alex Newman. This is The Sentinel Report. God bless you all.