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Alex Newman: Welcome, everybody, to another episode of The Sentinel Report. I'm your host, Alex Newman. It's great to have you with us, and we have a lot to talk about today. We're going to cut the news segment a little short today because we have a very special guest. I want you to hear as much as possible from her. It's Diana West, and you're going to love this. But as always, I want to remind you, the show is brought to you by MyPillow. Go to, use promo code Newman, and get yourself some enormous discounts, up to 66% off on over 110 different products. Why shop from a business that hates you? A woke company trying to destroy your country and uses slaves in China to make its products when you could buy from an American company that makes it right here in the U.S.A. best quality possible. For me, it's a simple choice. Go to and use that promo code, Newman. Get yourself some huge savings on some great products. Also, you can go to my website, and you can get copies of my books, DVDs, supplements, coffee, and even the Biblical Worldview series. All kinds of great things that I think you will enjoy and benefit from. That's why they're in my store. Go to>shop.

Alex Newman: All right, without further ado, I want to get to the news today, this beautiful April 12th. Of course, we have the warmonger caucus in Congress, which is the vast majority of the Congress, and Liz Cheney is one of the ringleaders. Like her father, Dick Cheney of the Council on Foreign Relations never met a war they didn't want your children to die in. Well, Liz Cheney was on the fakest of all the fake news networks. Yes, I said it, the fakest of all the fake ones, even worse than MSLSD. That would be, of course, the Communist News Network, also known as the Clinton News Network. Liz Cheney went on Jake Tapper's show. I think that's how you say his name. I don't really know who it is, but she went on Jake Tapper's or Tapper's show, and they had this very friendly discussion. Isn't it interesting how CNN always invites token Republicans, and they're always big government worshiping neocon warmongers? It's amazing, but they invited Cheney on, and they talked about the attack on Ukraine. And Liz Cheney said this was a genocidal campaign, so, of course, your kids need to go die in a war. I always said about Dick Cheney when he was vice president if you guys want war so badly. I'll literally volunteer; I'll buy you guys rifles. I'll get you plane tickets. We'll get you a parachute. We just fly you right over to Ukraine, you can hop out, and you can do all the fighting you want. Just leave our families out of it, please, okay. Leave our families out of it. The whole neocon warmonger unit party in Congress can fight if they would like to do that.

Alex Newman: Speaking of Ukraine and liberty, Blacksburg High School girls on their lacrosse team were wearing shirts that said pray for peace, and they had the Ukrainian flag on them. The Montgomery County School District said, nope, can't wear those shirts because they have a religious message, because praying, oh, goodness, how terrible inviting people to pray because apparently, it was political. This is what they said, "The girls' lacrosse team is no longer permitted to wear the pray for peace t-shirts at home or away from events as warmup gear." That's from a school email to the students, they said, "conveyed by the shirts, although positive in nature and well-meaning can be interpreted as religious and political in nature." So, sorry, children, no free speech for you. Only free speech for teachers who want to sexualize children ages nine and under who are currently having a meltdown. Meanwhile, the COVID antics are back. Philadelphia, the Democrat stronghold, will be reimposing face diaper mandates amid a rise in cases and hospitalizations. Masks once again will be required in indoctrination, excuse me, public schools, and also government buildings. So, yeah, they are bringing masks back. They're bringing the COVID theater back. I thought it was interesting. The U.K. government just stopped publishing their data. I'm not surprised they stopped publishing their data because what their data showed was over 90% of the people getting COVID ended up hospitalized and dying, were fully vaccinated, and received multiple injections of these troubling concoctions. So, the U.K. government had some of the best data in the world because, hey, everybody is part of the government's mandatory National Health Service. So, they had some really, really good data. When the data started embarrassing them to no end, showing that the vaccines not only were not safe but were also extremely ineffective. In fact, they're now more likely to catch COVID if you were injected. You're now more likely to end up in the hospital, and you're more likely to die. The British government conveniently said we wouldn't be publishing these anymore. Sorry folks, no more British data, but we all know the truth. Speaking of COVID theatre, the former director of the CDC, I want to show you guys this video in just a moment. It is incredible, but the former director of the CDC is now warning that COVID was just a warmup. That was just a sneak preview of what's coming, what's really coming, what's really going to do it, is going to be a new bird flu with a 10 to 50% mortality. Isn't that interesting that they've been making all this gain of function research on avian influenzas and coronaviruses? Hum, very interesting. I want to show you guys this video of the former CDC director, and it seems like they are pushing a narrative. So, I want you guys to check this out. Watch this.

Video Clip, Ice Age Farmer: My friends, welcome. Yesterday, I posted my report detailing the Gates Foundation's funding of gain of function research into H5N1, attempting to get it to cross over into humans. And I asked the question, is bird flu going to be the next pandemic? What I didn't realize was that just last week, former CDC director Robert Redfield answered my question.

Dr. Robert Redfield, Former CDC Director: Yeah, I think we have to recognize. I've always said that I think the COVID pandemic was a wake-up call. I don't believe it's a great pandemic. I believe the great pandemic is still in the future, and that's going to be a bird flu pandemic for man. It's going to have significant mortality and the 10 to 50% range. It's going to be trouble, and we should get prepared for it. I do believe that the pandemic risk is a greater risk to the national security of the United States than Korea, China, Russia, and Iran. And we ought to start investing proportionally to that national security risk.

Alex Newman: All right, guys, got it? They're serious. They're already going around killing chickens in Israel, Germany, and other places. Don't be surprised if it comes here soon, and you heard it here first. Incidentally, many Bill Gates front groups are actually putting this narrative out there now that the next bird flu is going to be crazy. The young gentleman you saw at the beginning that's Christian Westbrook, he is known as the Ice Age Farmer, and he does probably a better job than anybody on tracking the issues with agriculture with the supply chains. What he said later on in that video is that they are using this to totally and fundamentally re-engineer our agricultural systems, our food chain, and food supply systems. It's not going to be in a way that benefits us. And last but not least, before we go to break and then our guest. Very convenient timing, Joe Biden decided this week to wade back into the gun control debate. Yes, he wants to disarm you. They're pushing for a new ATF director. They want to make you register your blocks of metal. They want to turn sellers of blocks of metal that could theoretically be turned into firearms into licensed dealers who have to apply for federal permits and do background checks to sell you blocks of metal. And they're even now pushing once again for the assault weapons ban, which assaults weapon just means any gun that they don't like, any gun that might have useful applications outside of the things that they say you are allowed to do with your firearms, like target shooting, sport, shooting, and hunting. They want to take away what they call high-capacity magazines, which are really just standard capacity magazines. It's very convenient timing that in New York City, we just had a big mass shooting. So far, reports 28 people injured, according to news reports. Somebody used a smoke bomb, detonated a smoke bomb, and then in the smoke started shooting at random. So far, no reports of death, but that may change in the hours and days ahead. But folks, keep your eyes peeled; it's always very convenient whenever they're pushing the gun control stuff again. They always manage to find new incidents that should justify gun control. All right, folks, we're going to go for a break. When we get back, we will come back with Diana West, journalist extraordinaire, one of the most astute analysts out there on current affairs. So, stay tuned. We'll be right back.

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Alex Newman: I want to bring on our guest today, Diana West. She's an award-winning journalist. She's the author of a whole bunch of incredible books, including The Red Thread: A Search for Ideological Drivers Inside the anti-Trump Conspiracy, which was published by the Center for Security Policy Press. She's got American Betrayal: The Secret Assault on our Nation's Character by St Martin's Press. There are a whole bunch of them, folks. She has got some of the best and most important analyses of what's going on. She's received an incredible array of honors. I'm not going to go through them all now because it would take the rest of the show. But her blog is one of Newsmax's 50 best conservative blogs. She received the Hero of Conscience Award from the American Freedom Alliance. She's got the Center for Security Policies Mightier Pen Award, just award after award. She's been a journalist since she graduated from Yale. She's been writing a weekly newspaper column. It started at The Washington Times and eventually became nationally syndicated by the Scripps Howard Service and later the Newspaper Enterprise Association. She has a very insightful analysis. Her work has appeared everywhere that you can think of that's worth reading, American Spectator, Breitbart, Daily Caller, The Epoch Times, Gates of Vienna, just everywhere you can think of that would be worth publishing or reading, she's been there. Diana, welcome to the program. Thank you so much for coming on. I know one of the areas you've been focusing on is what's been going on with the vaccines, the catastrophe that's happening across our country, and how now the media is suddenly distracting us from what's happening. Go through it, please, if you would.


Diana West: Oh, of course, and thank you so much for that generous introduction. It's a pleasure to be with you, Alex. You were very wise and helpful to play a segment from Ice Age Farmer about the next wave and with that incredibly dishonest queuing up by the former CDC director. The thing that people really need to remember is that all of these flus these viruses that we are supposed to be losing our liberties, losing our lives, and losing our personal sovereignty over are all based on testing from a fraudulent test called the PCR test. The bird flu is a very significant newcomer here in the sense that it is truly an attack, as Christian Westbrook, Ice Age Farmer will tell you in that same video. It's an attack, an assault, a seizure on the creation, the production of animal protein. Animal protein to be consumed by humans. This is an assault not just on where we go and whether we wear masks and even take these shots. This is an assault on what we are allowed to nourish ourselves with. Every time they move forward, they move deeper and deeper into our own personal sovereignty. So, this is an incredibly terrible time to be distracted by Ukraine. The thing about Ukraine is the timing is so suspicious in the sense that it is a convenient moment to look 10,000 miles away and not notice that right here in America, we have suffered wartime casualty figures that coincide with the introduction of the vaccine mandates the latter part of 2021.

Diana West: I referred to some astonishing research put forward by Edward Dowd, who is a former BlackRock portfolio manager if you will, but he seems to have turned Wall Street dissident. He put forward figures, and he calls on them to be challenged, and no one has been able to knock them down, showing that in the millennial generation ages 25 to 44 in the latter part of 2021. Again, following the introduction of these injection mandates. Millennials lost as a group in terms of death 61,000 above average deaths occurred to the American millennial generation in about the last four months of 2021. This is staggering. It also matches the casualty figure, the death rate, and the mortality of the entire Vietnam War, which was about 58,000 dead over almost a decade. The baby boom generation, similarly in a similar timespan, also suffered a massive increase in mortality that Dowd and his team peg at 305,000 deaths above average for the age group of 65 and older. This gives the baby boom generation its World War II mortality event. This is astonishing. So, here's how I come down on this. We have this massive die-off going on in the United States that you can peg to the vaccine mandate. It may not be all vaccines. It may be suicide. It may be drug overdoses, things like that, deferred cancer treatments. We can't unravel each and every death, but we have this massive increase in mortality that is not discussed. There is no anger over it. There is no curiosity over it. There's no sadness over it, but Ukraine. You know, it's kind of like, look over here, and look over there. As these figures come out, they are completely ignored in the public square. The politicians are silent. The mainstream media is silent, of course, but Ukraine and becomes, for me, 100% proof that we live in a totalitarian space. We are not allowed to mourn our dead. We are not allowed to acknowledge that it's happening. We're not allowed to move forward and project what could happen. Then meanwhile, thanks to one honest judge, we have revealed coming from Pfizer month by month showing complete complicity.

Diana West: The big headline on that, of course, the mainstream media did not cover was that they had Pfizer knew, I think it's February 2021, that it had to hire something between 800, and I've seen the figure 2,400 full-time people, personnel to process adverse events from their COVID 19 shots. This is staggering, you would think; what do you do 8 hours a day? You process adverse events by the hundred. You need hundreds and hundreds and even thousands of new people to process these things. The complicity is utterly rank because, of course, this knowledge was shared by the United States government. So, the government is trying to kill us. The government is in a war against the American people, but Ukraine, and then bird flu. Frankly, my best guess is that if we do come to this bird flu hysteria to replace Ukraine in the coming months, it will be the cover story for more COVID shot death. That's my best guess, but it's the assault on chickens. People think chickens, chickens, it's extremely serious. They recall herds by the million. You're seeing prices go up. You're seeing the loss of egg and chicken from the diet becomes, believe me, the first step. Where do they want to go? We know where Bill Gates is, and the rest are. They are with synthetic food. So, this is a major assault on our way of life, on our lives, frankly. And everything in the media, everything in the mainstream media, in my view, at this point, is propaganda. That's not important. If it got through the censorship, it's not important, and it's a mere distraction. The story is about the die-off. The story is the danger. The story is the continuing assault on us, and we're not allowed to even acknowledge it in the public square.

Alex Newman: Yeah, it's incredible, Diana. This is probably one of the most important stories of the 21st century, maybe one of the most important stories of the last few hundred years. Yet almost nobody is talking about it because we're distracted by a war that's happening on the other side of the planet that, if we're honest, really doesn't affect the average American all that much. We've only got about 5 minutes left, Diana. I want to ask your thoughts on what do we do from here? You've been analyzing these trends for a while. Should we be getting involved politically? Should we be preparing our families for tough times? We've talked to some of the doctors who said these injections now they've gotten most of our police, most of our military, most of our critical health care workers, and critical infrastructure workers. Project the lines out for us, if you would. Where are we headed from here, and what should Americans be doing in terms of trying to stop this or getting prepared?

Diana West: Well, it's a very difficult time for Americans because the loss of trust, the loss of faith, the loss of any kind of belief in our government, I think, is at an all-time low. There was no one advocating for us, with the exception of Senator Ron Johnson. Nobody was talking about this these life-or-death issues. So, we are left to our own devices. At this point, we're coming into spring. We're coming into summer, and I know this is a theme of Ice Age Farmer Christian Westbrook. We need to actually do what we can to create our own food supply locally. Whether you have a small balcony with a pot on it or any kind of land, you need to be turning it into farming. I mean, the countries in Ukraine in those regions they're actually incredibly self-sufficient as people. We have lost all of that Americans don't really know. Most Americans don't know how to do anything anymore. We need to get back to learning that because I'm afraid that our institutions are going to see more breakdowns and more dictatorial measures taken that will cause us to find liberty and life in smaller communities, family communities, and family circles. We need to strengthen them, and we need to honestly rediscover some good old-fashioned self-sufficiency skills. That sounds quite dire, but I'm afraid we're in a very dire moment.

Alex Newman: I agree with you 100%, Diana. I've kind of seen this coming for a long time. Now it's just becoming harder and harder to ignore and to deny. I couldn't agree with you more. Meet some local farmers in your community, and start making sure that you've got the people around you that you want if times get tougher. Because I do think times are going to get tougher. Diana, I'd be remiss if I didn't ask you about what's going on. I know you understand what's been going on in Russia and the former Soviet Union. What was the 32nd take on what's going on between Russia and Ukraine? You've got these people out there who think Putin is some kind of savior of Christian civilization. What are your thoughts? What do you think is going on?

Diana West: Well, the 32nd take is I think it's impossible for us to figure out what's going on. There are no honest brokers here telling us. There are no analyses, no proof, no evidence. There's just a lot of manipulation. It is, again, driving us or pulling us, pulling our attention into, sucking our emotions into a conflict that we cannot possibly understand the veracity of at this time. That is the last place that we should be starting World War III. Neither side, in my view, is worth our partisanship. So, that's kind of where I am in the shortest possible take. I'm afraid that conservatives very often get sucked into this thought that Putin is some kind of traditional Christian leader. He is not. This is a pose. But similarly, looking at the Zelensky side of things, again, you're looking at the New World Order aspect that is also not a place for patriots and Christians to find a way forward. It's a scam, in my view.

Alex Newman: That is really an analysis. Diana, we sure appreciate you coming on. We sure appreciate all the insights that you've had to share and everything that you're doing. What's the best place to find your work? You got Diana West's website, and then you're on Patreon. Tell folks out there how to follow you, how to support you.

Diana West: Oh, thank you. is my website, and I do tend to link to whatever I'm doing elsewhere, but that's where you'll find links to my books and latest interviews, and so on. So, I would say, and yes, I am on Patreon, as well.

Alex Newman: Excellent. Well, Diana, thank you very much for joining us. I hope we will get you back very soon to get some more analysis on what's going on. But thank you for all your work, and thank you for coming on.

Diana West: Oh, thank you so much. Great to talk to you, Alex.

Alex Newman: You, too. Thanks so much, Diana. All right, folks, that was Diana West, Go check out the website and read her work. She is really at the top of the top when it comes to analysts who understand what's going on in the world and break it down in terms simple enough for us people to understand. We are out of time again. It always comes so incredibly quickly. But I want to thank you all so much for tuning in. It's really a joy to be able to spend this half an hour with you every weekday, 4:30 to 5 here on Frank's Speech, Lindell TV, or if you're watching us later on, a rebrand broadcast on some other networks and platform. Thanks for tuning in. Please share it out, folks. You go to You can find the whole archive. You can see all the great guests we've interviewed and over again. This show is brought to you by Mypillow, so go to and use that promo code. Newman and get yourself some great stuff at some great prices, literally up to 66% off on some of the best products out there when it comes to sheets, bathrobes, towels, pillows, obviously, and so much more. So, go check out the website. Thanks again for tuning in, folks. God willing, we will be back tomorrow with much more. Until then, God bless you all.