Sal Greco: NY Cop Gone Rouge | Reawaken America Interviews – Miami, Fl.

About a year ago

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James Grundvig takes on Miami to attend the ReAwaken America tour at the infamous ‘Trump Doral’ Golf Club & Estate. Joining James in an exclusive interview is Salvatore Greco. Sal Greco, a New York Police Officer with an unblemished record of service to the people of New York over the last 14 years, working the graveyard shift in some of the most dangerous precincts in New York City to keep our citizens safe. Now this son of Staten Island is being persecuted and has been terminated by the New York Police Department, despite the support of the PBA, simply because he supported President Donald Trump in his free time and became a friend and supporter of Trump-loyalist and American hero Roger Stone and his family. Follow along with Sal Greco’s journey to bring justice back to America: Find more of Greco on his socials: Truth Social: Twitter: Rumble: Become a subscriber to AMPInsider.Us and gain access to AMP’s exclusive content, special affiliate discounts to our partner patriot sponsors, educational material, behind-the-scenes looks, backstage passes, and much more! We’re currently offering a special deal for new subscribers- join and get the first month for just $1 or you can sign up for the year and get your first month for FREE! (For a limited time only) Click the link to Subscribe: SIGN UP ( Each subscriber is greatly appreciated by AMP, as it’s Patriots like you, who help to fund AMP’s efforts in providing uncensored news that you can trust. BUY GOLD: BUY A SAT PHONE: MyPatriotSupply: AMPNews.Us


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