Roger Stone Stands Up For Madison Cawthorn and Recaps His Experience Working in Washington

about a year ago

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Cawthorn Exposing Bad Behavior In Washington

The Stew Peters Show welcomes Roger Stone, former Trump senior campaign advisor to the show. Stew and Roger discuss the ordeal between Kevin McCarthy and Madison Cawthorn. Roger states that everything Madison Cawthorn has said is true. That there is sexual deviants, rampant drug use, and illicit behavior all over Washington.

In addition, Roger feels that Kevin McCarthy should let Madison Cawthorn speak for himself and not interfere.

Roger explains that the reason they are trying to silence Cawthorn is that the guilty parties do not want their names to be mentioned. People may not care what politicians do in their private lives but with this type of behavior blackmail could play a part on how they vote on bills and other aspects.