REVELATION REDPILL WED Ep21: Redeeming Eden, Reversing the Curse: Unleash the Power of the Cross!

About a year ago

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Buckle up! Cory Gray, Jason Heydinger & Rob Allen join us tonight! Every day another pollutant is released into our waterways; farmers have to rely on GMO seeds, chemical fertilizers, and pesticides to get crops to grow on infertile land. What if we could access the power of Heaven to heal the ground? 

I have good news for you when Jesus died on the cross, he reversed the punishments on mankind, including the curse on the soil! 

Marriages are failing, pornography and sex trafficking run rampant throughout society, and corrupt bankers and corporations spread destruction worldwide. Modern End Times Theory doesn't have answers to fix any of these problems. In fact, most people teaching Revelation today point to these things as a sign Jesus is coming back. They have given up hope of fixing this world's woes through the Gospel of redemption and are instead sitting around waiting to be rescued. 

Guys, we are the rescue team. 

We are Christ's hand and feet but we aren't seeing positive changes because we don't know the power of what Christ did to redeem the whole world back under His authority and control. Let's unleash the power of the cross, set the captives free, and heal the land!

Cory's Freedom and Dominion Decree and his Audio book Born Again As Kings can be found here: Listen to Cory's Audio Book:
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