Return to Hand Counting, Missouri Elections, Webinar

About a year ago

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Return to Hand Counting is a project of Cause of America - Missouri.

This webinar was held on Dec. 29, 2022, to introduce the eManual, "Missouri Elections: Return to Hand Counting" - click to download the eManual

NOTE: The estimate for number of ballots counted per hour was updated in the 1/31/2023 revision of the eManual. Original estimates were preliminary. After this webinar, we continued to do practical testing of the process. We estimated other factors into our times: verifying write-in candidates, correcting tally mistakes, determining voter intent, calculating & reconciling totals, etc. Page 251 of the eManual (1/31 rev) explains the updated time estimates. As a quick reference, we are estimating between 50 to 100 ballots counted per team per hour.

Guest speakers at this webinar include Mike Lindell, Col. Shawn Smith, David and Erin Clements, and Dr. Doug Frank.

Watch the clip with Col. Shawn Smith


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