Rethinking Our Relationship With Big Pharma and The Continued Push Against Farmers

about a year ago

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Will Death Come at the Hands of Government?

Brannon starts by covering some recent headlines:
In Pfizer trials, 44% of pregnant women lost their children. In England, one of 482 vaccinated people died within one month of being vaccinated. Germans must receive a covid booster every three months to qualify as being vaccinated. Bill Gates was blasted as a "vaccine criminal" in the Italian Parliament.

He then follows this with some of the following ideas:
In the Netherlands, farmers are being told they must reduce their use of nitrogen and get rid of half of their livestock. They will go broke and their land will be purchased as part of a global agenda. Margaret Byfield is an expert who states that 30% of the land worldwide will be owned by this group by 2030 and 50% by 2050. The plan is to starve people. Is this part of God's judgment to be starved on purpose? Man-made starvation is a part of history as has been seen by communist leaders around the world.

Brannon and his guest cover the ideas of wars, starvation, plagues, and mass deaths as being part of God's plan. What does the bible cover regarding these topics and how are they being played now and in the past? How have most people died? The primary answer is that most deaths worldwide have come at the hands of governments in one form or another.