Renegade Minds Episode 4a: Election Aftermath, Narrative Seeds

About a year ago

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Welcome to Renegade Minds where we are breaking the Matrix one neuron at a time! Recorded 11/13/22 In this Episode we discuss our opinions of the ’22 midterm aftermath, the shady things caught all over the nation, the new narrative seeds being planted from MSM. Remember to stay vigilant patriots and use your discernment while keeping your emotions in check. This is a trying time for all of us as we watch the deceit unfold right before our eyes. Don’t let them program you into believing their lies or falling for their false flag traps. Thanks for tuning in! We hope you enjoy the show and if you do, make sure you like the video and hit that subscribe button! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- New Telegram Channel!! Check out all of Rhody4Integritys’ new content! It updates DAILY! Buy me a coffee -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Intro Video The wins: House seats The cheats: MD NY AZ TX Tucker- machines Konnech Truth Social: Kari Lake TTV