The Reality Of Gen Z Is That They Are Right Up In The Democrats Grill & They Can't Stand It

About 2 years ago

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Gen Z is Not Backing Down

Democrats consider Generation Z as their own. They couldn’t be farther from the truth.

In Bannon’s War Room, Bannon hosts Charlie Kirk, one of the founders of Turning Point USA, about the state of the new generation. While the left believed they locked down the younger generation, they are now slamming on the panic button. In one of the latest articles from Politico, Kirk talks about how Democrats have no support from the younger generation.

According to Kirk, leftist pollster and director of polling at the Harvard Kennedy School Institute of Politics, John Della Volpe, has pulled the fire alarm from the democrats. The polling expert rained on the democrats' parade as he told them that they do not have support from Generation Z. Unlike previous generations, Gen Z is not as ideological as its predecessors. They are also fully aware that the current administration is making their lives harder instead of better.

This means that Republicans need to talk about the stuff that matters that makes better citizens. Kirk states that they need to focus on “making it easier to own property, easier to get married, and have kids.” While it seems funny, these three things actually make voters more responsible.

At the moment, the young generation questions if they should even go to the polls. At this time, Generation Z is anyone’s game.


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