The Real Threat to Our Republic Is In The White House

About a year ago

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Frank Clips

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Joe Biden’s Latest Speech Leaves Us Confused About Which Planet He Comes From

In Joe Biden's most recent speech he states that the right is pro-violence and that the right is against maintaining law and order. During the time he is saying this, these clips are being played of the violence and burning down of America by those from the left.

Biden says that we have the strongest economy and that Americans are doing well. He has not taken a look at the real America in which we live. We have runaway inflation all caused by policies from the left of which he is a major part. the left and the communists in the White House and Congress are to blame for our economic woes.

Biden came across as a sad, bitter old man. He has called half the country fascists and extremists in the past four days. The country wants the real problems addressed. We went from secure borders to insecure borders. We went from safe streets to record crime. We went from stable prices to a 41-year high inflation rate and we went from $2.00 gas to $5.00 gas. All of this in just 18 months.

The nation would like these things addressed rather than having them target our freedoms and liberties as we have seen from the Biden administration.